dApps can change the way people perceive the blockchain

Every piece of new technology can only ever be embraced when developers have the ability to create software that can be understood by the mainstream. No matter how groundbreaking technology or hardware can be, if it is not simplified for the end user, there will never be mass adoption.


After all the hyperbole over the last 12 months and the countless news articles making global headlines, the majority of people, even the tech savvy ones, have no real concept of what blockchain is, let alone how to properly use and harness it. Do you blame them though?

The thought of digital asset ownership within the blockchain has always been an intriguing concept. If I buy Bitcoin, how do I use it? If I buy tokens from an exchange, what do I actually own? Therefore, the real problem is, how do we simplify the concept of digital asset ownership?

We are firm believers that blockchain technology has the ability to disrupt and change how data is recorded, handled and owned. However, before we are able to penetrate society with the benefits of how incredible blockchain can be, it is important that we create applications that have the ability to support mainstream adoption.

Perhaps, Ryan Wang from Outpost Capital said it best;

If there is one thing that is going to bring the blockchain into the mainstream, it is going to be game dApps.

…we tend to agree.

Hello ZED

ZED is a collectible stable manager and thoroughbred racing game on the ethereum blockchain network where you can buy, bred, sell and soon race thoroughbreds in order to create a legacy of winning racehorses and to generate a monetary return.

But, breed, race and earn a real return with your digitally owned thoroughbred.

ZED is a thoroughbred platform where users not only own a digital asset but a platform where your asset works for you. ZED takes a step back in an attempt to invite individuals into their first foray into the world of blockchain and digital asset ownership in a way that can be understood and interacted with.

ZED will be releasing a total of 38,000 unique digital thoroughbreds on the blockchain. After the Early Release of 4,000 super rare thoroughbreds is completed in early February 2019, ZED will launch a breeding platform where colts, fillys, mares and stallions can mate with one another, subsequently passing down unique traits to their offsprings. The more race-ready thoroughbreds that are in your stable, the greater the chance you will have at cementing your legacy within the community and winning on the race track.

ZED utilises smart contracts to develop the generation of racehorses and as such, thoroughbred ownership will be recorded and tracked via the use of the ethereum blockchain. All thoroughbred data such as bloodline, genotype, gender, colour, number of offsprings and race statistics, will be stored within the smart contract. Given that all ZED thoroughbreds are tokens that live within the blockchain, they can be bought or sold digitally, with a guarantee of ownership. In other words, you are the sole owner of a digital thoroughbred.

Give credit, where credit is due

ZED utilises the unique ERC 721 token pioneered by the clever cats at Axiom Zen. A big source of our inspiration also came from Dapper Labs and Cryptokitties and the shared vision of making blockchain more accessible and less intimidating to the masses.

Want to know more?

Head over to www.zed.run for more information or to buy your very own digital thoroughbred. We have 4,000 super rare digital racehorses that will go on sale from January 2019.

Be the first to own a ZED thoroughbred and start your legacy now!