How to create a valuable thoroughbred and the importance of rarity.

PLEASE NOTE: Based off community input, we have changed the name of the Wright bloodline to Buterin. You can read more about it here.

Purchase wisely

There are two main criteria to look for when purchasing a racehorse in ZED; bloodline and genotype. The rarer a racehorses bloodline is and the closer it is to its ancestors, the more desirable it will be for breeding in the stud farm and the better it will perform on the racetrack.

Selecting which thoroughbred to buy, which to breed and which to avoid is an art form itself. Therefore it is important to understand that bloodlines are a fundamental indicator in choosing a winning thoroughbred. Every single racehorse in ZED encompasses a bloodline and genotype.

Bloodline refers to the genetic makeup of a thoroughbred that is passed down from the mother (dam) and father (sire). Certain bloodlines inherent qualities that other bloodlines do not. The more sought after the thoroughbreds’ bloodline is, the greater the chance of success it will have on the racetrack and the more valuable it will be perceived by others. Therefore, when a stallion and a mare mate, an offspring is created which will either be a colt (baby boy) or a filly (baby girl). In most circumstances, the stallion and the mare will have different bloodlines and the offspring will inherit either the stallion’s bloodline or the mare’s bloodline in its entirety. In other words, half-half bloodlines cannot occur in the world of ZED.…and incase you were wondering, brothers, sisters, uncles and aunts cannot breed with one another.

The table below shows what bloodline the offspring will become when two thoroughbreds mate with one another.

Keeping the above table in mind, we can come to the conclusion of which bloodlines are more sought after than others and thus would have a higher economic value in within the ZED community:
Nakamoto — Very Rare
Szabo — Rare
Finney — Not So Rare
Buterin — Common

The key takeaway is that one of many factors to keep in mind is that the genetics of a thoroughbred has the ability to create the next superstar racehorse.

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