Why bloodlines matter

In our previous post, we discussed the importance of bloodlines and genotypes in ZED. Below we will delve a little bit deeper into the four differing bloodlines.


All bloodlines have a differing level of rarity based on the following factors:

  1. how easy they are to breed
  2. total population of the bloodline
  3. performance trait of the bloodline

The most rare bloodline in ZED is the Nakamoto.


The Nakamoto bloodline are super rare thoroughbreds with only 2,000 ever being released and make up 5.26% of the total launch population. Nakamoto’s have the have the highest base value of all thoroughbreds in terms of performance and rarity. Nakamoto offspring can only be created when two Nakamotos are coupled in order to maintain their purity. The pureness of breed is the critical factor as to why Nakamotos are so highly regarded on the racetrack and in the stud farm.


The Szabo bloodline is considered second only to the Nakamoto in terms of rarity. Although the Szabo equates to 5.26% of the total thoroughbred population in ZED, they are slightly less rare as their genotype is not as pure as those of the Nakamoto’s. Szabo’s can breed with a Nakamoto or another Szabo to create another Szabo offspring.


With 9,000 thoroughbred’s originating from the Finney bloodline and accounting for 23.68% of the total ZED population, these racehorses, although not as rare, are still able to consistently perform toe-to-toe with their top of the line competitors. Finney’s represent great value when taking into consideration their price and ability to perform consistently, making them a go-to breed for a lot of users.


Despite the fact that the Buterin bloodline is one of the newest breeds, it is the easiest bloodline to find on ZED as they account for 65.80% of all thoroughbreds. Easily bred, these horses are naturally healthy, sturdy and quick on their feet. The Buterin bloodline will most likely be the first thoroughbred you own.

Just like in the real world, certain bloodlines are connected to better performance. Therefore, for users to determine whether or not they want to breed, buy or sell a thoroughbred, they need to take into consideration what bloodline their thoroughbred is. The rarer a bloodline is, the more valuable it will be in the marketplace because of the following reasons:

  1. has a higher chance of winning or performing well in a race
  2. has a higher chance of breeding a stronger offspring

Want to know more?

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