Getting started

You want to join the ever-growing community of ZED racehorse owners and stable managers, great! However, let us get some housekeeping out of the way first.


For those who are new to the world of racehorses or thoroughbreds, there are a few key words that you will often see:

  • Stallion A male thoroughbred that has an offspring.
  • Mare A female thoroughbred that has an offspring.
  • Sire A father thoroughbred.
  • Dam A mother thoroughbred.
  • Colt A virgin male thoroughbred.
  • Filly A virgin female thoroughbred.
  • Bloodline The DNA of your racehorse. There are four bloodlines in total.
  • Genotype or ZED Type How far away your thoroughbred is from its ancestors.
  • Offspring When a male and female thoroughbred mate, they create a filly or a colt, in other words, an offspring.
  • Gate Position where your thoroughbred will race from. (coming soon!).
  • Buy-In Purchasing a gate position prior to a race (coming soon!).

Before you begin

First things first, before you can join and interact with the ZED community, you need to ensure that you have all of the following:

  1. a digital wallet
  2. available ether in the wallet you want to play with
  3. a Metamask account that is linked to your wallet
  4. chrome installed as your web browser for optimal performance
  5. Once you login with Metamask, you will be ready to rock and roll. If you have any questions, head over to our FAQ’s first.

Giddy Up

With the basics out of the way, we can now dive into the five main modes of ZED.

  1. Stable
  2. Auction Marketplace
  3. Stud Marketplace
  4. Race Roster
  5. Racing


The stable is where all your very own racehorses and offspring live. In essence, the stable is your user account page where you can manage your racehorses and see all their statistics and transactions on the blockchain.

From the stable, you will have access to all of your thoroughbred’s statistics and all of your recent transactions (e.g. thoroughbred purchases and sales, breeding transactions and race results). Furthermore, you can directly send your thoroughbreds to the stud marketplace if you want to breed them or to the auction marketplace if you want to sell them, directly from the stable page.

Auction Marketplace

Buying a racehorse
The auction marketplace is the only place where you can buy a thoroughbred.

In the auction marketplace, a minimum reserve price is set by the user wanting to sell their thoroughbred and will sell to the highest bidder at the end of the auction.

Users who place a bid on a thoroughbred, please note that you cannot take back your bid.

Thoroughbreds are made up of various characteristics. Each characteristic affects the overall value of the thoroughbred, so you need to take these into account when deciding what is a good thoroughbred to bid on. All thoroughbreds listed for sale will show the following characteristics:

  • Name Name of the thoroughbred
  • Bloodline  There are four bloodlines, each with varying levels of rarity
  • Genotype This is the ZED XXX number. The ZED number refers to how far away the horse is from its ancestors.
  • Place History Race results of the thoroughbred
  • Race Starts How many times the thoroughbred has ran
  • Offspring The total number of offsprings the thoroughbred has
  • Progeny Number of times offspring have finished 1st, 2nd and 3rd

Selling a thoroughbred
If you have a thoroughbred that you wish to sell, you can select which thoroughbred you want to auction off. Once selected, you simply have to choose your minimum reserve price and let the ZED community decide how much they are willing to pay for it. Once you place your thoroughbred for sale, you cannot withdraw it from the marketplace until the bidding time has elapsed. If your thoroughbred is in the auction marketplace, it will not be eligible to participate in a race, when live racing launches in early 2019.

Stud Marketplace

The stud marketplace is where breeding occurs. If you own a male thoroughbred, you can enter the stud farm and earn money if a female thoroughbred decides that she wants to mate with you.

Owners of female thoroughbreds can enter the stud marketplace and select which male thoroughbred they want to breed with. Just like in the auction marketplace, female thoroughbreds will want to breed with male thoroughbred’s that have stronger characteristics, breeding history and race history in order to have a greater chance of creating a race ready offspring.

The female thoroughbred will pay the breeding fee, with the majority of that fee going to the male thoroughbred. However, it is the female thoroughbred that will keep the offspring.

To gain a deeper understanding on how breeding works in ZED, please refer to our Minimum Breeding Price article.

Female thoroughbreds need to take into consideration the male thoroughbreds profile before making a decision. The value of the offspring you are about to create will depend on the both, the male and females thoroughbred profiles as these are passed down to its offspring. A thoroughbred profile is essentially the characteristics of any given thoroughbred such as genotype, bloodline, race wins, colour, ancestors bloodline and race starts.

Racing (coming soon)

Racing in ZED is exciting and unique. A total of no more than twelve thoroughbreds will race in each race. Eight thoroughbreds will be selected at random via a lottery, with 4 spots available to users who wish to ‘buy-in’ into a race. The buy-in price will vary depending on the type of race. Races are split into three categories:

  • Group I
  • Group II
  • Group III

Group I races are the most sought after and add a greater legacy to your racehorse.

Race Schedule (coming soon)

Races are scheduled by ZED and therefore the amount of races and race times will differ. The race schedule page will show upcoming races and which thoroughbreds are running. You will also be able to buy into a race if you cannot wait to be randomly selected!

Eight of the twelve gates in every ZED race will be determine by a lottery style selection process. Eight horses from the ZED community will be chosen randomly to enter into each race. The remaining four places will be available via a pay to race system.

Buy-in / Pay to Race
From the race schedule page, any race that you click on will show you what thoroughbreds have been selected to race. If your thoroughbred has not been selected to race, you can pay to race. There will be four available pay to race gates available up until 15 minutes prior to the commencement of each race. The four highest pay to race bidders will be chosen to race. Bidding closes 5 minutes prior to each race. If the pay to race gates are not filled, no additional thoroughbreds will race.

The ZED community is your biggest asset. Here you will find other users wanting to buy, sell and breed their thoroughbreds as well as keeping abreast of any new features that will be added to ZED. Join the ZED discord channel now!

Want to know more?

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