Hello Zed Community!

It’s been a while since we’ve made an official update here on medium, because we have been busy, and in the best of ways! This update will give a quick and concise rundown of what’s been happening in the Zed ecosystem, and what to expect in the near future!

Our first round of 500 Z1 Horses has sold out!

Z1’s are the strongest racehorse in the ecosystem. They are then are subsequently followed in strength by Z2, Z3, etc… Five hundred of these elite-tier horses were sold for 0.4 ETH each. There are still another five hundred Z1 remaining, but the next time they become available, once the pre-sale (Z1-Z4) is completed, they will be sold at a higher price and/or at the live auction.

Right now on the auction block are our Z2’s, which you guessed it, are the second-best horses in the game, and available at www.zed.run for only 0.3 ETH. This presale is a great opportunity to stock up on the best-of-the best. Many of our members already are!

Community, and the dedication to transparency

If you’ve found yourself in our Discord chat, you’d know that over the past while, our community has been very active in helping us to shape the future of Zed. Through community feedback, we’ve made alterations and new implementations for the benefit of the ecosystem as a whole. After all, this game was built for you!

Through our devotion to putting the community first, we are happily transparent with the goings-on of the Zed project. We have recently released our product roadmap, which you can check out here

Breeding is coming soon!

If you checked out the roadmap, you’d see breeding is coming very shortly!

How it works
You can put the breeding rights to your elite male horses up for auction, where owners of female horses can then buy the breeding rights from you, in ETH. The owner of the female horse is the one who pays the fee and also keeps the offspring.

Alternatively, you can breed within your own stable. However, you cannot breed with parents or grandparents, so creating a diversified stable is key!

How rare is your horse?

We’ve released our colour chart, where you can see which of the colours are the rarest and most valuable. You can watch on https://zed.run/buy for the most desirable horses to appear, but act as quick as a “Gatecrasher”! It’s first-come-first-served!

Each horse on Zed has a unique name.

The early bird gets the worm

Zed is selling the strongest horses first. So you can buy the best horses in the ecosystem, right now. On sale now are the Z2 horses, which are second only to the Z1’s. The generations will go all the way to Z268, so the horses being sold now are the champions of the future.