Hello there Zedders! 🐎

A few people in the community know that up until now, we have had a series of twin, or ‘duplicate’ horses.

More specifically, there were two issues. One was that we had horses produced with the same names, and two, we had horses produced with the same attributes. Essentially creating ‘twinsies’ and ‘duplicates’. Notwithstanding, this issue was not good for the overall ecosystem and detracted from the unique nature and value of each Genesis horse sold.

Who gave birth to these monsters?!

It’s a robots fault. Well, a contract, to be more specific if I must…

You see when ZED first launched, the system was designed such that horses could be sold on-demand and at a reasonable frequency. Granted that they functioned as designed in the beginning, ZED started taking off like a Falcon 9 within mere weeks of launching. Due to this, we were caught by surprise. It meant we didn’t have the right contingencies in place to deal with the booster heat.

Our systems became ‘stressed’ as demand began exploding, causing delay bugs and other horse freaks to be born.

For example, some Zedders got two horses for the price of one, but they were dupes’. Others got a horse they might not have originally chosen, and others got a horse with a name that had already been assigned.

Basically a little over 100 Franken-horses were created and let free into the deep dark depths of users MetaMask wallets. Not an ideal situation to have Franken-horses on the loose, so we needed to round them up ASAP.

The freaks will be purged

TL:DR; the Franken-freaks will soon be wiped from the face of racetracks worldwide and sent straight to the digital glue factory.

Well, kind of …you see we didn’t want to punish users for our mistakes. Consequently, a LOT of discussions took place within the team on how best to resolve the issue. It had to be best for all parties and done so in a way to retain trust with our valued community.

As a result, we decided to let everyone who received a duplicate horse keep it, no matter the genotype. In spite of generosity, we had to keep the game fair, so all duplicate horse names will be replaced from a random list of names. In addition, horses that have rare coats that were above the predefined threshold, will also be changed.


Once all the twinsies and dupe’s have been fixed, the ecosystem should be back to nominal health moving into the Breeding and Auctions Marketplace. In saying that, we understand the issue this may have caused owners some headaches and we take the hit for that. Coding is tricky and it’s hard to forecast demand into the code at the very beginning of a project!

Furthermore, we know that some of these horses may have been traded on Secondary Markets such as Open Sea prior to being changed, and If you are someone who has bought a horse on Open Sea and had it changed after the fact, please get in touch with us! We do not want you to be negatively impacted.

We want to thank our amazing community for the understanding as we work through and rectify our start-up teething issues!

Beau, signing out ✌🏼

Update** 18/05/19

After much discussion and community feedback, all duplicates and their respective colour coats have been kept as is! The only thing that has been changed for these horses is the duplicate names.

We are pleased to share this has now been completed 🙂