Hello fellow Zedders and welcome, to the very first ZED Run community update! 🐎

Two weeks have flown by since starting my role as Community Manager, and it has been an absolute whirlwind so far. Never did I expect a community to be so knowledgeable, passionate, and hungry for a collectibles game. I’m blown away by the engagement and how the platform has evolved with the community in SUCH a short amount of time.

Its nothing short of incredible, and clearly goes to show how ZED is pushing boundaries with crypto-collectibles and their use case.

My first couple of days in the role were spent reading comments in our Discord channel, responding to questions, and getting familiar with the ZED social channels. As a result, I immediately saw a real thirst for more information and clarity around some of the key upcoming developments in ZED.

With that being said, here are the top questions asked by the Community during the past two weeks, and answered by our Founders, Chris & Rob!

What exactly are the attributes, how do they work, what do they do?

Currently, the main attributes of ZED racehorses are bloodline, genotype, breed type, performance (i.e. placings, race starts, race types drawn into, such as group I, II, or III races) and the performance of their offspring.

It is important to also expand further on breed types as all horses that ZED are selling are of Genesis breed type. Genesis breed type is rare due to the fact that they can never be bred (they have no parents or ancestry). If two genesis horses breed together, the breed type of the offspring is a Legendarybreed. We can reveal that Genesis breed types will have an advantage on the race track prior to the handicapping system. More details about breed type will be released in the coming weeks.

Check out our current suite of information on Zed in our ever-expanding ZED User Guide

Currently, there are a number of other factors that affect racing together with a complex handicap system, however at this stage we cant disclose this system. ZED are engaging Data Scientists to review and enhance where required these algorithms. We are determined to provide a game which has a foundation which can truly exceed both ours and the communities vision. As a result, we are patiently and systematically addressing each area building the ecosystem.

We remind the community that ZED is currently in beta phase and we are busily refining the game and code. Purchasing and trading of horses is currently highly speculative and has been based on the publicly available knowledge together with names considered of high value.

Will a horses win rate improve its future odds at winning?

The more a horse races, the higher the chance that they will win in the future. Please keep in mind that there are different racing levels and this will be overlaid by the handicap system. This is similar to racing in the real world when successful horses seem to usually be at the top of the field.

What calculations are performed based on the attributes that determine racing?

ZED is being developed such that bloodlines, gen type, breed type, ETH won, race gate, and the horses past performance will having weightings attached to them. These weightings will play a part in the calculations that will be used in the racing algorithms. It is also important to note that there may be other performance based metrics that will affect a racehorses performance.

However, the specific weightings and the importance of each is a tightly held secret currently known only by the Founders. Once we refine the weightings with the contracted Data Scientist, we will determine which attributes are made public. These attributes will be cryptographically encoded into the NFT to ensure that no advantage is possible to the players of the game (in fact even if our team wanted to uncover these it would be impossible!).

Are all the racing mechanics probability based?

Outcomes for racing will use algorithms that take into account the specific attributes and the weightings of each.

Although there is a slight handicap, it is important to note that ZED want to build — a game — rather than a platform that is purely based on luck.

We want our players to be able to make decisions based on real strategy!

How will ZED’s gaming mechanics affect bloodlines and racing performance?

Nothing will affect the bloodline of the horses!

We are interested in seeing how the community will use their horses based on their attributes. Think of it as Zed’s game theory playing out in real-time!

Based on community sentiment we’ve seen so far, some may choose not to race their rarest horses in order to keep the racing performance neutral. Others may choose to only race their rarest horses. We really don’t know how it will play out, but we can’t wait to see how it does!

What to expect in the coming month

May is going to be packed full of exciting features coming to Zed, which the Zed team cannot wait to share.

Over the month, you can expect to see things such as;

  • a number of medium articles around breeding coming out prior to the release of the first version of breeding
  • Fortnightly Community and Development Updates
  • The complete sell out of all fixed price Genesis Horses before prior to the release of the Auction platform, which will be used for the sale of future Genesis Horses
  • Significant upgrade to the stable functionality
  • Video content, interviews with the team, cool social media updates (see our new Discord bot!), and more engagement with our community

We may even have a couple of surprises to share which will catch you by surprise 😉

Watch out for the next Community Update

I hope the answers above provided our earnest community some level of clarity as to what is coming to Zed.

As many of you appreciate, building an innovative and fresh NFT platform is challenging at best! But rest assured Zedders, good things are coming and the team is working around the clock to bring them to you. We appreciate your ongoing support and faith in us in delivering a next generation blockchain gaming experience.

I’ll leave you with a couple of photos of the core Australian team after we recently met in Newcastle for some brainstorming sessions.

If you’re new to ZED, you can check out our website here, visit our Discord here, pop into our Telegram here, and triple flip somersault into our Twitter here.

Until next month!