Here at ZED, there is something we have kept under tight wraps, which is the progress we are making to ZED’s racing function. Back in December 2018, the first prototype was completed by our core team, with the intention to start visualizing what racing could potentially look like. Yes, we have been working silently away on racing for this long!

Our racing prototype is used so we can apply our core algorithmic racing logic to a front-end visualisation engine. Essentially, we wanted to see what was possible, taking into consideration the constraints of blockchain and web-based graphics engines.

ZED Racing Prototype

The Aforementioned racing prototype is a simple, 2D birds-eye view, built to depict the speed and flow of a race. This was done so we could try to replicate the excitement on the race track in the most simplistic form.

Here is a preview of what it looks like.

Our initial racing prototype.

As a result of having this prototype, we began showcasing ZED to investors and horse racing enthusiasts alike. Truly, we were overwhelmed by the number of industry professionals who expressed interest. Whether this was joining ZED in some capacity, or even devoting their time and skill to the project, we were taken aback by the support. Likewise, with the feedback and encouragement we received, our vision subsequently grew to advance the capabilities of blockchain collectibles.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Concurrent to building our prototype, we hired a Visual Effects (VFX)and Augmented/Virtual reality (AR/VR) expert, that has worked on animated Hollywood blockbusters. These include titles such as The Lego Movie, Legends of the Guardian and Happy Feet 1 &2.

Due to confidentiality reasons, we can’t say who it is, but rest assured they have been spearheading ZED’s research and development in this space! To illustrate our rationale with this, ZED wants to explore added layers of entertainment and interaction, as we don’t want our users to be bound just to desktop and mobile platforms.

Truly, one day we are hoping to bring in both Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality into existence in the ZED ecosystem.

With this in mind, we have 3D assets being created now that are in preparation for a more advanced version of ZED racing in the future. Granted, our early versions are unlikely to include 3D assets, but by developing this feature now, we are building the foundations today so we can deliver on our vision for tomorrow.

It’s all in the detail

Back when we began work on modelling, meshing, and rigging our ZED racehorses in 3D, we took inspiration from Rockstar Gamings ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’, after seeing how such a beautiful and free-flowing thoroughbreds were created.

We used real-life thoroughbreds as reference points and began designing our ZED racehorses so they perfectly encapsulated the behaviour and nuances of their real-life counterparts.

Part of investing the time and resources into the creation of these 3D assets is an important step for ZED to reach the spirit and vision imagined by the founding team.

…errrr our first (and very bad) animation.

Racing and Transparency

To build a fair and balanced horse racing ecosystem initially poses more questions than answers. One such question, most notably the biggest, is “what factors should affect the outcome of a particular race?”

The fundamental framework of ZED is built on users creating legacy winning racehorses based on a level playing field. With that in mind, Zed has sort-out and met with various Quantitive Data Analysts and well-known Data Scientists. It’s worth noting that some have consulted to the world’s largest thoroughbred racing syndicates.

What surprised us during these discussions, was that the most successful equations in determining real world race outcomes, was based on only four or five attributes!

Having these discussions with well-respected horse racing professionals has played a big partinhow ZED will implement its racing algorithms. It’s worth us mentioning that despite our observations around attributes, it does not mean we will have only four or five factors that will affect your racehorse’s performance, far from it!

Here at ZED, it’s part of our mission and design philosophy to build in fairness into the ecosystem. Our belief and motivations for fair racing outcomes is to be as equitable and dynamic as possible, ultimately to build trust with our users. Through trust and provable fairness, we believe ZED will form into a community-driven platform, encouraging our users to stay and play in the ever-expanding ZED world.

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