Product Board, Surveys & Breeding

Hello there fellow Zedders!

What an immense past two weeks it has been. Every time I write these updates, I reminisce the same thing, but in all honestly, every week feels like the most significant week we have had!

Here is a quick recap of what ZED has accomplished in the past fortnight;

Plenty of love in ZED stables!

We quietly launched Breeding and in just a short few days, there have been HUGE numbers of thoroughbreds put into the Stud Service!

ZED’s stud farm is on fire!

What is most impressive is there has been a lot of Breeding ❤️! Since launch, over 40 foals have been born into the ZED world and over $1,000 raised in the racing prize pools!

We’ve had plenty of positive feedback from the Community Discord group so far, as well as some fantastic ideas on improving the Breeding process. Here are some highlights;

  • TimKerr 🏒 suggested filtering options for the Stud Service, so prospective Breeders can search by Gen, Coat Colour and Rarity.
  • LuckyJackStuds 🍀envisioned a Rarity Level property to be included in the properties listed on OpenSea.
  • Satman ✨ opined that it would be nice for users to be able to choose their own stud fees.

All great ideas guys, keep them coming!

Stud Farm Stallion Highlight

What a better way to eye off a potential winning racehorse then seeing a highlight from the team? Well, in this new segment of the Community Update I will be selecting a Horse in the stud farm that jumps out at me.

Today, we have Wayward Postal!

Wayward Postal is owned by Stable Manager Haphazard Shennannigans!

Horse Name; Wayward Postal

Stable Owner; Haphazard Shennannigans

Bloodline; Szabo

Gen; Z4 Genesis

Coat; Chartreuse

Offspring; 0

Head on over to the ZED Stud Farm to check out this beauty!

ZED Feature Rollout Survey

One week ago today we put out the ZED Feature Rollout Survey. Why did we do this? Because at that time we needed to better grasp the wants and needs of our Community.

We couldn’t be more happy with the feedback we received.

The results we got were interesting and extremely valuable. From insights into Product Development to ideas around how to better interact with the Community, the information received was what we needed at that time.

I want to personally thank each and every one of you for giving us your time by completing the survey. I’ll be doing a lot more of these in the months to come as a better way to provide feedback to the team from our Community 🤗.

Updates on the Community front

I have been continually working on refining our Communications Strategy, building our brand, and telling our story.

What goes on behind the scenes with the team and what the ZED Community is made aware of, must converge as a story as our journey evolves.

Storytelling is an incredibly important part of a Communications Strategy as it helps to build trust in a way that is authentic. It gives reference points for future users who can go back in time to what ZED once was, to what it has become.

Video content is going to increasingly play a more important role in the future as we mature as a business. A hugely underutilised tool by many companies, video content is the most authentic and real way to build trust and communicate with a Community. Stay tuned for this!

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