Super Coats!

Hello there fellow Zedders!

If I could describe the past fortnight in two words, I’d say its been one of refinement and Strategy. Refinements have stemmed from optimising our Discord channels, opening up new Community-driven content, and standardising our branding imagery across social platforms.

In the Strategy department, we’ve started high-level brainstorming for how we will roll out the next major features, such as Stable Management, followed by Racing and Auctions.

Here is a quick recap of what’s been accomplished in Communications over the past 2 weeks;

Super Coats!

Did you know that 5 ‘Super Coats’ have been bred and no one seems to have noticed? So far, we’ve seen Super Coats coming at around 5% of the total horses bred, so these babies are pretty rare!

A ‘Super Coat’ is a rare attribute that is produced when two horses of the same colour, produce a horse with the same colour as its parents. It can be any colour rarity, and any colour category.

How do you know you’ve bred a Super Coat? In the attributes displayed when viewing the racehorse on ZED, you’ll see “Super Coat” next to the colour. Click here to see a recently bred Super Coat.

Super Coat attribute!

The Super Coat attribute is a special attribute that will entitle owners to something unique coming from the ZED team. Whilst it doesn’t contribute to performance, we will be rewarding users that own a Super Coat with something unique.

We haven’t decided yet, but we are floating ideas of rare ZED merch, combined with other rewards, such as entry to early races. Stay tuned for this.

Community Stud Star 🤩

Last week we launched ‘Community Stud Star’, which is an opportunity for users in our Discord Channel to submit their favourite horse in the stud for a chance to be featured on all our social channels.

We haven’t exactly seen mountains of submissions coming in yet, but as time goes on and ZED grows, we anticipate this to grow quickly, so make sure to get your horse in early for the chance to be selected!

For this week’s Star, we have a beautiful Stallion named ‘Corona’, from Champion Stables.

Heres what the Stable Owner, CorkyCandy on Discord, says about this beautiful specimen and his ZED Stable.

Not only is Corona perhaps the most recognized beer brand in the world, a corona is an aura of plasma that surrounds the sun and other stars. Epic. This Z1 stallion is one of only 1000 to EVER be in existence, so any offspring is destined to be a champion. Native to upstate New York, I’m a fan of gambling, high risk investments, sports/racing and I fully believe that cryptocurrency is here to stay. As a gaming enthusiast, I have been waiting for a world where gaming and investments converge. Zed is a perfect example of just that.

As you can see, this Z1 Genesis has already produced one offspring, so this beauty is drawing attention.

Visit Corona in the ZED Stud Farm Now

Upcoming Communications Developments

Here are a few things we have been working on and floating around the team for Communications and Community which we hope to deploy soon.

  • ZED Merch Store
  • Discord Chat window embedded on so Discord users can help those needing support LIVE from the Discord App!
  • Twitch Live Streaming for racing
  • Discussions on Marketing Strategy to draw in new users

That’s it for this week!