Testing data generated from our race algorithm pushed into our game engine.

ZED family,

How are ya? Heard a little rumour that people have been saying momentum had gone from the project. Totally understand why some might say that but as I sit down to write this after four straight 16+ hour days. I can sincerely say that for the development team, the momentum has far from gone.

We are not even working these extended hours because we feel pressured to get something out to you, as much as we do want to excite and delight you. The reason we can’t shut our laptops down for much longer than our sleeping hours is that we are so buzzed and excited about the prospect of racing that we can’t stop building it. Seriously, it’s fun.

Now I know you want it NOW but we are only a small development team and this is no mean feat. If you had asked me two months ago if I thought we’d be here, I would have said no. It’s incredible how we have banded together to create this product, never been involved in something quite like this before.

Let me share some of the tasks and challenges we have been working on.

Top secret.
  • Building the racing algorithm.
  • Ingesting the output of the racing algorithm into our first 3D animation along with basic animation to enable simple visual racing.
  • Making sure we don’t get too distracted by these races.
  • Started refinement of this to ensure that it’s realistic and exciting to watch.
  • Testing some betting concepts and contracts.
  • Scaling up our cloud infrastructure to deal with expected demand.
Racing API — Getting ready for some action!
  • Planning and strategising how we roll our first race out, to you.

To that note, I’ve got to love you and leave you, back to the tools.

Till our next update. (And don’t get too worried when we go quiet, that means we have our heads down, hard at work.)

P.S. We are hiring! We are looking for skilled front-end, back-end and blockchain (smart contract & web3) developers. Get in touch at [email protected]

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