We know we’ve alluded to this on a few occasions and it’s time!!! Time to start recruiting for beta testers for Ropsten racing. EXCITED?!?

Private Ropsten racing will be a lite-weight controlled feedback experiment. Initially, we are going to open these sample races up to a few individuals so we can better digest and take action on initial feedback. Long term, no one will miss out on Ropsten testing, we’ll gradually onboard more of the community in batches as things get more stable.

To get things started, we want to know which of you are interested in jumping in and giving us feedback. There will be a form at the end of this post, jump in and sign up.

As mentioned testing is going to be performed on Ropsten, hopefully, you are familiar with jumping between networks, if not, we’ll be happy to give you a little 2 min lesson. This means that no real (digital) horses will be hurt in the making of racing.

If we select you as the initial group of testers, you will be invited into a private Slack workspace to provide feedback in a special beta tester channel. This will happen sometime mid-August, once we’ve filtered through of all of the applicants.

Thanks for your continued patience guys and girls.

The ZED team