Welcome to the new Community Hub; we know you have been waiting for us.

So why a new blog when we already have Medium? Well, for many reasons, a hub gives us greater control to deliver more to our users quickly. The Hub will be a collective for all resources and will also allow us to launch comms, promotions, and partner programs more efficiently. Of course, there is the added SEO juice to boot.

It is a little bare-boned at the moment, however, we will be adding plenty more here very soon.

Here is a quick rundown:

  • You can now track stables and individual racehorses in the ZED ecosystem and breeder status. We are pulling live data in from the ZED core API via our MetaBase integration.
  • The Hub is a great place to keep up to date, instead of waiting for key announcements via social; although we will be there also.
  • We will be encouraging individuals from our community to contribute, so if you are an avid writer, reach out!
  • Manage referrals right here in our Hub. Yes, an Affiliate Program is coming soon, go sign up.
  • We will also be running the occasional poll, promotional events and more.

Going forward, we are still going to publish to Medium, but with small caveats:

  1. We will repost there a few days later, so we can kick in the ZED Hub as the original source.
  2. We will use Medium Import tool to publish the content.

With this method, we own the original content with the benefits of being the primary source plus we leverage the distribution power of Medium.