Colourful line visualisations dancing across the screen modulating in speed and creating a beautiful graceful stream of anticipation and excitement as they move closer to their goal, the finishing line.

What am I talking about? The output of our racing algorithm and racing beta testing! It might not sound that sexy yet, despite the artful wording above but it sure as hell is exciting, even when it is just lines and test DAI we are using for betting and registration.

When our first beta testers joined the program, they mostly only expected racing so when they were able to bet straight away, it made things much more engaging. It was an experiment to implement basic betting using the stable coin DAI and it paid off.

Where are we?

In a very good position, currently, we are generating 2D racing simulations, securely allowing registration of test ropsten (test Ethereum network) horses in a race, taking bets on the blockchain and posting these results to the blockchain to enable payout. 

At the gates

To get our prototype in the hands of our beta testers quickly we had to make a few initial compromises, this meant we have been manually creating, scheduling and resulting of our races. Also, the UX has something to be desired and the algorithm doesn’t yet include past performance data.

What’s next? 

We’ve had lots of awesome feedback from our beta testers, so we will be digesting some of that and making appropriate changes, along with paying down the debt of our compromises. Moving from manual implementations to fully automated racing along with massive UI/UX improvements. 

We have been constantly tweaking and refining the algorithm during the process. Implementation of the performance data will go into this next sprint of work, adding a whole new paradigm to race outcomes. Meaning out beta testers can give us solid feedback on how past performance will and should impact the outcome of future races.

A resulted race

Once we have got the next round of changes released, we’ll be needing more of you to beta test. If you haven’t already, please sign up below.