Before we get into the good stuff about slashing our ZED breeding fees to 0% and giving more back to you, the community, let’s reflect on the last few months.

We launched the ZED Stud Marketplace in June 2019 and during that time we have seen a total of 119 newly bred horses, creating entirely new genotypes and breed types. We have seen over 40 stable owners grow their fleet of racehorses whilst contributing almost 16ETH (~$2,100 USD) to the racing prize pool.

What surprised us most was the care and thought that went into naming these newly created offsprings. Some of our favourites include:

  • you’llneverwalkalone
  • Yoda
  • REKT
  • Dark Hunter
  • John Snow

Early on when ZED was initially launched, we carefully crafted every single name to ensure this carried through to when stable owners would breed their own offspring. For some users, the ‘right name’ plays a pivotal role in what racehorse to purchase, more so than breed type or gender.

Some other stats to satisfy your curiosities are also outlined below:

Most Popular Colours Bred
Most Popular Bloodlines Bred
Public Breeding versus Private Breeding

Over the course of the next 3 months, we believe these stats will begin to explode as we shake things up a little bit to make ZED even more accessible!

Breeder Owner Bonus 

The team at ZED is excited to announce the Breeder Owner Bonus for a limited time. Our priority is to ensure that the ZED ecosystem is a living and breathing platform. As a result, we have completely revamped three critical aspects in the way which breeding works for a limited time.

1. Minimum Breeding Price

When we initially set our minimum breeding prices, we wanted to preserve the high prices of rare ZED racehorses we were seeing being traded in open and secondary marketplaces. The underlying reason for this was that our pre-sale racehorses were extremely rare and as a result want to maintain their value in an ever expanding ecosystem. Shortly after, we successfully introduced breed types which helped differentiate to ensure that Genesis racehorses were easy to identify in the marketplace and to maintain the value structure that we created as a community. 

…and as a result have reduced the base minimum breeding value by 88%.

We have always wanted to make ZED open and accessible to anyone and everyone and as a result have reduced the base minimum breeding value by 88%. Subsequently, this has significantly reduced the minimum breeding prices of all ZED racehorses. With that said, stable owners can still set their breeding prices as high (or as low as they like), the only difference is that we lowered the barrier to entry which benefits stable owners and new newcomers alike. 

For example, to breed with a ZED 1 Genesis Nakamoto, the breeding price starts from 0.09 ETH or ~$14USD; and thus the minimum breed price tiers down to lower genotypes and breed types.

2. Prize Pools

What we are most excited about is our new looking prize pool allocation. We wanted to give more back to the stable owners and the racing community and our aim was to grow the prize pool as much as we can before racing commences. 

ZED has dropped its breeding fee entirely to 0% and as a result, the way in which we will allocate all breeding funds will look like the following:

How ZED now allocates funds received from breeding and the Stud Marketplace.

3. Higher reward for stable owners

With ZED fees being removed, all stable owners will see an increase in the amount they receive for placing (and successfully breeding) their colt or stallion into the Stud Marketplace by 33%!

…stable owners will receive an increase of 33% when they breed their colt or stallion with other stables.

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