ZED is fast approaching the sell out of Early Release racehorses. What this means is that there less than 35 Z10 Early Release racehorses left!

This is a huge milestone, not only for ZED, but also for the wider blockchain community in terms of the adoption of decentralised applications (dApps).

To help celebrate this milestone, once all of the remaining Z10 Genesis Early Release racehorses are sold, ZED will be releasing a very limited batch of 500 racehorses, including a one-off, super rare Z1 Nakamoto.

Where to Next?

The limited batch release will go on sale once the last Early Release Buterin Z10 racehorse is sold.

If you cannot wait for the next batch release, head over to www.zed.run/buy to snap up our last remaining Z10 Early Release racehorses!

Stay tuned for more information or join one of our many communities below!

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