A soon-to-be famous Z1 Nakamoto is preparing to storm out of stables, ready to be acquired by a savvy stable owner.

Become a ZED god and the envy of the entire community by owning Billions.

Meet Billions.

We are excited to announce that Billions, a super rare ZED racehorse, is ready to be offered to the ZED community. Billions rarity is defined by the unique attributes that it will encompass.


Billions is the first of 99 special edition racehorses. What makes Billions so sought after is that it will have a unique 1 of 1 colour, Fortune.

Colt Gender

Being a colt allows Billions to enter the Stud Marketplace and breed with other filly’s or mare’s. Given Billions attributes, you can set a breeding fee that is reflective of its rarity.

Z1 Genotype

Genotypes refer to how far away a racehorse is from its ancestors. All Z1 racehorses are the purest breed of all and cannot be reproduced in the Stud Marketplace by breeding. You can read more about ZED genotypes here.

Nakamoto Bloodline

The Nakamoto bloodline are super rare racehorses with only 2,000 ever being released; making up ~5% of the total launch population.

Nakamoto offspring can only be created when two Nakamoto’s are coupled in order to maintain their purity. The pureness of breed is the critical factor as to why Nakamoto’s are so highly regarded on the racetrack and in the stud farm. You can read more about ZED bloodlines here.

Genesis Breed Type

Billions is a Genesis racehorse. Multiple breed types exist in ZED with Genesis being the rarest of them all. Genesis racehorses cannot be reproduced and represent the racehorses released directly by ZED.

Billions can be purchased shortly once we make our new batch of horses available!

Get ready to leave your mark on the ZED community.

Enjoy the Ride 🐎

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