We are proud to announce that all Early Release racehorses have now officially sold out!

A Variety of ZED Racehorses Will Go On Sale

ZED is excited to be releasing a one-off batch of 500 Genesis racehorses from all bloodlines and genotypes to celebrate the ending of our Early Release racehorses. You will now be able to get your hands on an assortment of ZED racehorses.

Included in the next batch of racehorses is a one super rare Nakamoto Z1 Special Edition Genesis racehorse, named Billions.

Meet Billions, the first ever Special Edition Nakamoto Z1

Billions is ZED’s very first Special Edition racehorse to be released. When ZED launched in early 2019, we included, what we called at the time, ‘Easter Egg’ racehorses. These racehorses would contain the same bloodline, breed type and genotype that live within our existing ecosystem, however, these Special Edition (Easter Egg) racehorses would inherit a one-off super rare colour. A total of 99 special edition racehorse would be released.

Billions is the first of 99 Special Edition racehorses. These Special Edition racehorses were communicated to our community via our Discord channel during the rollout of the Z1’s/Z2’s and were intended to be released over a continued period of time.

1 of 1 Z1 – BILLIONS – Coat: Fortune

How the Batch Will Be Sold

500 racehorses will be sold

A total of 500 racehorses from all bloodlines and genotypes will be sold in random order; including a Z1, right through to a handful of Z10’s. You will need to keep your eyes peeled to get the racehorses you want.

How will racehorses appear?

As we have always done, each racehorse will appear 1 to 1 on the ZED website. However this time, each racehorse will have a count down timer with a purchasing length ranging from 10 to 25 minutes.

Sale format

Z1 to Z5 Genotypes

If the racehorse showed does not sell before its allocated time slot ends, it will appear again at least 8 to 10 times per day.

Pricing will reduce across Z1’s to Z5’s every 6 hours until they are sold.

Pricing will reduce across Z1’s to Z5’s every 6 hours until they are sold. The purpose of this sales format is to allow the community to decide what the most elite racehorses on ZED are worth. However, if you hold out too long for the price to reduce, you also run the risk of someone else purchasing the racehorse you want.

Z6 to Z10 Genotypes

The remaining Z6’s to Z10 will all be sold at a fixed ETH price.


The number of racehorses from each genotype that we will be selling is as follows:


How do I buy one?

All racehorses will be sold on a first a come, first-served basis on our website; www.zed.run/buy.

Early Release Closed

ZED launched an initial 5,000 Genesis racehorses out of a total supply of 38,000.

The first 5,000 racehorses represented the Early Release sale where all racehorses were sold at a fixed price, on a first-come, first-serve basis to giving everyone a chance at owning one of these elite racehorses.

The Early Release racehorses have always represented fantastic value for racing or digital collectible enthusiasts. To date, we have seen users return over 1000% in profit on secondary marketplaces such as OpenSea showing inherent value in owning these elite racehorses.

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