Welcome to the official ZED beta racing guide.

In this blog, you will find a host of information relating to how racing will work, how to participate in racing, where to watch races and how to win! Don’t forget to join our active Discord channel here and engage with our community!

Your Guide To Racing in ZED

This blog will be split into the following sections:

  • Mainnet Racing Format
  • How To Get Your Stable Race Ready
  • How To Enter A Race
  • How To Watch A Race
  • How Will Performance Data Be Affected
  • Frequently Asked Question

Racing Beta Format

Every race will require a small buy-in fee if you wish to participate. These buy-in fees will range from $0.50 USD to $100 USD; the bigger the buy-in price, the bigger the prize pool on offer and the more you stand to win.

Any racehorse from any breed, gender or genotype can enter.

The beta racing should be used an opportunity to establish your stables racing strategy ahead of our public launch. For each race, you need to select the right racehorse(s) to enter, by assessing the other racehorses in the field. Take note of the other racehorses racing history, bloodline, genotype and breed type as all these will play a factor in the performance of your own racehorse.

A race will automatically close once all twelve (12) positions in any given race is filled. What this means is, there must be twelve (12) racehorses in every race for a race to commence. As soon as the last position is filled, the race will commence within fifteen (15) minutes.

How To Get Your Stable Race Ready

We have designed the launch of the private beta racing in ZED to be simple and fun, whilst giving everyone the opportunity to win their share of the available prize pools that is on offer.

Once you have one or more racehorses in your stable, you can nominate any of your horses to be selected for racing.

Nominating your racehorse for racing

To be eligible for racing, the racehorses in your stable must be nominated. To do this is easy.

There will be a small gas fee to pay on your behalf to make your racehorse eligible for racing. The gas fee is controlled by the Ethereum network and not ZED. To learn more about gas fees, there is a great database of knowledge here.

Step One

From your stable, click the racehorse you want to select for racing. You will first need to prepare your desired racehorse. Once you have successfully prepared your racehorse, its status will change to prepared.

Once your transaction has been successfully transacted on the blockchain, your racehorse status will change to prepared as you can see below.

Step Two

The second step in the process is to get your racehorse “race ready” by simply pressing the race button. Doing so initiates MetaMask to pop up. Complete the transaction in MetaMask in order to start racing! As you can see below, the status of your racehorse now displays ready to race.

From here, there is nothing else for you to do other than to join one of our many available races.

IMPORTANT: Once your racehorse is in ready to race mode, you cannot sell or breed with it. If you wish to sell or breed a race ready racehorse, press the withdraw button and follow the prompts when MetaMask pops up.

How To Enter A Race

Once you are equipped with one or more race ready racehorse(s), visit ZED’s Racing Buy-in page. On this page, you will have access to current races that are available to be bought into. There will always be many races available with varying buy-in prices.

Remember, during the beta racing program, your racehorses’s performance data may be reset from time to time.

If you click on any race, you will notice what other racehorses and stables have entered. Use this information (race starts, total wins, breed type, genotype etc.) to your advantage to help you select which racehorse you will enter.

Once you have clicked on any available race, you will also see what race gates you can buy into.

By clicking on any available race gate number will open up your stable of racehorses where you will have quick access to their past performance data.

After deciding which racehorse you will enter into the race, press nominate to initiate the buy-in transaction through your digital wallet on MetaMask. When your transaction is confirmed you will see your racehorse highlighted next to the gate number you chose to buy into.

IMPORTANT: Your racehorse will appear here instantly, however, if the transaction is delayed or fails, your racehorse will disappear and another racehorse may takes its place.

Please note that given that we are in beta, each racehorse can be entered into three (3) races, at any time.

Where you see a yellow horse icon in the buy-in page or the next to run page denotes that a racehorse from your stable has been entered.

Now, let’s get racing!

Watching A Live Race

After the last gate in any race is filled up, the race will automatically start after fifteen (15) minutes and will then appear under the Next to Run tab located here: https://beta.zed.run/racing/upcoming.

Races will always start from the Next to Run tab.

3D racing is coming soon!

If you do miss a race, you can replay it (or any other race) from the results tab by selecting the race and pressing the replay button.

Claiming Your Winnings

If your racehorse finishes in 1st, 2nd or 3rd your winnings, in real Ether, will be available to be collected from the winnings tab located here: https://beta.zed.run/racing/winnings.

If you do not claim your winnings, they will not appear in your digital wallet.

IMPORTANT: You must claim your race winnings individually during Beta.

Simply hover over your winning racehorse and press the “claim prize” button. This will initiate MetaMask and from there you can finalise and collect your prize winnings.

How Will Performance Data Be Affected

During the racing beta trials, your racehorse(s) performance data will be tracked and recorded, however from time to time it will be reset. The reason for this is simple. The purpose of running a “beta” is to allow us to refine and improve ZED with your help. The racing data generated in the racing beta will be used to help remove assumptions, make our racing systems more sophisticated, build out a fair class-based ranking system and overall, just make the game even more fun and exciting.   

More importantly, the resetting of race data is to ensure that when we launch racing to the public, every user has the opportunity to start on a level playing field.

Frequently Asked Questions

At the end of the day, ZED is a game created in the name of fun and entertainment, so if you do have some losses, please always demonstrate good sportsmanship as it will really help set the tone for new users coming into our community.

We have set up a new channel in Discord. Feel free to chat all things beta racing under #mainnettrials-invitational or click here to be redirected straight away!

Below are some common questions you may be asking yourself, please check them out first!

Do I have to pay money to get into the beta racing program?

To apply to beta racing is free.

Do I have to race once I am in the beta program?

No. You can do what you like! You can watch races and participate in the community’s discussion on our Discord page.

How many races can I enter my racehorse into?

You are limited to entering the same horse, three (3) times in different races. Only once the race results have been posted at https://beta.zed.run/racing/results can you enter that same racehorse into another race.

Why are races getting stuck?

Technically they are not stuck. Depending on the demand of the Ethereum network, this can take some time. From time to time, we may need to manually start the race.

How do I offer constructive feedback?

Glad you asked! You will notice on our beta.zed.run website, a ‘feedback’ tab is attached to every page. Feel free to lodge any feedback here.

I have an idea! Who do I tell?

Inside Discord, our community is continually sharing great product ideas. Visit our Discord page under the #ideas channel or click here to be redirected.

How is prize money distributed?

All prize money will be paid out in Ether to the wallet address associated with your stable. You will have to claim this amount through the winnings tab for it to be transferred to your nominated wallet address.

My racehorse just disappeared from the racing line up, why?

When you buy-in to a race, if the transaction is delayed or fails, your racehorse will disappear and another racehorse may takes its place. Keep an eye on your MetaMask wallet to ensure the transaction has successfully completed to ensure your buy-in.

If this does happen to you, simply repeat the buy-in process and increase your gas fee in MetaMask.

Where can I see where my racehorses placed?

All race results will be posted and can be replayed at anytime on any device! Simply visit ZED’s race results page and locate the race you missed!

I cannot breed or sell my racehorse!

If your racehorse has a status of ready to race you cannot breed or sell it; you cannot be in two places at once!

How long will beta racing last for?

At the moment, beta racing does not have a definitive end date. All data and racehorse performance will be reset clear after beta racing is complete.

Am I using real Ether?

Yes. What being on mainnet means, is that users will start to win and lose races. It is the real deal.

Am I racing against real people?

Every race in ZED is against real users from all over the world. Try finding them in our Discord community for some friendly competition.

Wait, I have more questions!

No problems! Head over to www.zed.run/faq and if you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us directly via email or contact us through our #support channel on Discord by clicking here.


ZED reserves the right to set the conclusion of beta racing at any time. By signing and registering to ZED beta racing you agree to our terms and privacy policy.

You are participating in the ZED racing beta at your own risk.

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