ZED is excited to announce the Trail Blazer competition! The rules are simple; every racehorse that finishes in 12th position, will win $50 USD in ETH during a two (2) hour window!

Choose your Trail Blazer wisely; you can only enter into a maximum of three races during the event.

When Does The Trail Blazer Start And End?

The Trail Blazer event will commence at 4PM PDT time on 1st May 2020 and will end at 6PM PDT on the same day. This special event will run for a maximum of two (2) hours.

To ensure you get your timezone right we have put a list of major cities below with the respective start and finish times.

Make sure you check out the table below so that you can participate when the Trail Blazer commences.

Los AngelesPDT1 May 20204PM
MontrèalEDT1 May 20207PM
SydneyAEST2 May 20209AM
LondonBST2 May 2020Midnight
AmsterdamCEST2 May 20201AM
New DelhiIST2 May 20204:30AM
JakartaWIB2 May 20206AM
TokyoJST2 May 20208AM

How to Win?

The 12th placed racehorse to cross the finish line will be known as the Trail Blazer and will win a cool $50 USD in ETH.

To take the crown as the Trail Blazer, you need to get breeding now! The higher the genotype, the greater the chance you will have at being the Trail Blazer! Equip your stables with the right racehorses to take advantage of this exciting special event!
So, the decision is yours, are you going for the win or do you want to be the Trail Blazer?

In addition, to make things even more interesting, during the Trail Blazer event, the prize pool allocation for 1st, 2nd and 3rd will remain the same!


To ensure fairness across this special event and that everyone has a chance to participate, each stable must strictly follow the guidelines below:

1.A maximum of one (1) racehorse per race is allowed during the Trail Blazer event and;
2.Each stable can only enter a maximum of three (3) racehorse during the Trail Blazer event.

These above points are important as they need to be manually fulfilled by stable owners, so we are relying on our community to abide by them. ZED will be cross-checking all race results during the special event at its completion.

Other rules apply which are detailed at the end of this blog post; please read them carefully.

Why The Trial Blazer?

We have enjoyed watching our community grow the ZED ecosystem by breeding non-stop! Now, it is time for these higher genotype racehorses to shine and to enter into some races!

The Trail Blazer is to encourage those stable owners with higher genotype racehorses to enter races against other top tier racehorses with the chance of winning big too!

How To Get Involved?

To participate in the Trail Blazer you must ensure you have registered for racing by filling out the embedded form below.

Once you are accepted, you can get racing!

For more information on how to race, please check out our complete guide on beta racing.

The special event Trail Blazer races will be available for buy-in before the promotion starts from our buy-in/open races page as you would usually find them, so get in early and keep an eye on the count down clock above.

All ZED racehorses in the ecosystem will be able to participate!

IMPORTANT: Remember all races that are scheduled to run on 1st May 2020 from 4PM to 6PM PDT time will fall within the Trail Blazer competition. Any race that falls outside of these times will not be counted.

The Rules

To ensure fairness, we have incorporated some simple rules to follow:

Rule One
Stables can only enter one (1) racehorse per race. If a user enters multiple horses into the same race, with one of those winning the Trail Blazer prize, the 12th place horse will be disqualified and 11th place will be awarded and so forth.
Rule Two
Each stable can only enter three races during the 2 hour Trail Blazer event.
Rule Three
The 12th placed racehorse to win the Trail Blazer prize of $50 USD will be paid in ETH within seven (7) days. The amount will be paid into the wallet address associated with the racehorse.

1st, 2nd and 3rd prize pool winnings are still active and remains unchanged.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many horses can I enter during the Trial Blazer?

You can only enter one (1) racehorse per race.

Can I compete in multiple races during the Trail Blazer event?

You can compete in a maximum of three races during the Trail Blazer event.

How long will the Trail Blazer competition last for?

Two (2) hours. The Trail Blazer event will commence at 4PM PDT time on 1st May 2020 and will end at 6PM PDT on the same day.

If my horse wins the Trail Blazer, how do I claim my prize?

We will automatically distribute the 12th place prize within seven (7) days to the wallet address associated with your racehorse.

Terms and Conditions

Other than our standard terms and privacy policy, the following also applies:

Trail Blazer prize money will be paid out by 8th May 2020.
The promotion will last for two hours on the dates specified in this article.
Must be 18 years of age or older to participate.

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