Straight From the Horse’s Mouth

As most of you know by now, we hosted our very first LIVE Trail Blazer event on the 1st of May in the hunt of for the perfect Trail Blazer racehorse!

The Trail Blazer was an event targeted around horses finishing in 12th place and rewarding them for ‘winning’ that coveted position. Some may think it is easy to come last when you are racing against a couple of rare Z1 racehorses. However, when there is a level playing field with higher genotypes, it is going to come down to who has the best breeding strategy!

The Breeders Bonus was simple; breed a foal leading up to and during the event and that was your ticket for one lucky stable owner to win $100 USD in ETH! The more foals bred, the more entries to you would have to win the $100 USD bonus!

The Breeders Bonus has officially ended! Scroll down to see who won!

And the WINNER is…

The moment you’ve all been waiting for! Selected at random. We would like to announce, the Breeders Bonus winner is…

RANCO CUCAMONGA STABLE is the lucky winner of the $100 USD Breeders Bonus! Massive congratulations to you and your Trail Blazer 😎

When Will I Receive My Breeder Bonus Winnings?

We will automatically distribute the Breeders Bonus winnings within seven (7) days to the wallet address associated with your racehorse.

Horsing Around

We set out to encourage stables owners to breed, and breed they did! In total, there were 123 foals bred in the promotion period across a wide range of genotypes! To date, there is now in excess of 7,000+ ZED racehorses in the ecosystem!

That is a massive effort and we are all extremely excited to take to the next level and have you, our community along for the ride!

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