We are excited to announce that LIVE 3D racing is available right now through our Beta program, as well as a host of other updates requested by our community.

Improvements have been made across ZED including:

  • 3D racing
  • Claiming of all your winnings in one transaction
  • Ability to view an offsprings parents
  • Spoiler prevention screen
  • Much more!

For a more detailed list of updates, see below!

Join our beta

To experience 3D Racing and to participate in it, you must first join our Beta program by completing the form below. All submissions will be reviewed within 24 hours!

Watch races in 3D!

We are utilising the latest in in-browser technology to render our 3D races. All past and LIVE races can now be viewed in 3D as well as in 2D!

We are also optimising our mobile experience too so expect much, MUCH more such as new tracks!

The future of ZED has never looked so good!

Claiming winnings

One of the most common pieces of feedback we received was to have the ability to claim all winnings in a single transactions….and we could not agree more!

Now everyone will be able to claim all their winnings at once, with maximum of 125 winnings claimable at any one time, by pressing the “claim all” button. No more lengthy claiming process plus plenty of savings on gas fees.

Spoiler prevention

Another requested feature from the community was to have spoiler prevention. All completed races that you will see under the “Results’ tab will be masked to hide the finishing positions in case you wanted to watch the race without knowing the result.

This is a little add-on that we personally love and adds to the excitement if you happen to miss a race that your racehorse was in.

Discord online user count

It is no surprise that we love Discord. Every opportunity we get, we want to point new users to join the fun, education and banter. Under the “Racing” tab, all new users will see a live total of how many users are online in Discord.

We are really hellbent on building the ZED community and this is a small step in the right direction.

Prizing information

Under the “Results” page, you will now notice you can see how much prize money was won by the top 3 racehorses. All prizing information is rounded to two (2) decimal places.

Breeding UI fixes

With the insane amount of breeding occurring over the last eight (8) weeks, we have been improving performance and adding some UI tweaks.

You will now see the next breeding date of your racehorse if you have reached its limit in any given period.

Parents of offspring

On the detailed racehorse page, you will now notice that for any offspring bred, you can trace it back who its parents are! Go check it out!

Future updates


We are close to sharing this feature with our Beta users to test and get as much feedback as possible. We will not be releasing the full classes feature set, rather we will be deploying it incrementally to ensure it works as intended.

Classes will naturally encourage more competitive races for both higher and lower tiered horses. This is an update we cannot wait to show you.

Data reset

We will be resetting all racehorse’s racing statistics when we deploy our classing system. As we have always stated, we will give notice of this before it happens. To be clear, the reset of data does not mean that your racehorses ability is going change drastically. Remember, a genesis racehorse’s ability is derived from its bloodline and genotype and an offsprings ability is derived from both its mother and father.

Public stables

Public stables will be made available very soon so you will have the ability to share, show and shine your stables. Even if your racehorse is in the Stud Marketplace, other users will have the ability to breed with you directly from your public stable page too!

You rock!

Beta Racing for ZED has proved to be huge a success and has allowed us to refine, tweak and improve a lot of elements, both from a front-end and back-end perspective and we thank you all for your continued support and participation.

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