The first step at blurring the lines between the real world and the ZED ecosystem is to give you a glimpse at how we are putting digital racehorse ownership into the hands of our community. With ZED Augmented Reality (AR) our aim is to do just that; to bring a real sense of racehorse ownership to you.

We want Non-Fungible Token (NFT) owners to interact with NFT’s in a way like never before.

We want Non-Fungible Token (NFT) owners to interact with NFTs in a way like never before. With the ZED AR application being downloadable to your iOS or Android device, you will be able to summon your ZED racehorse and have it appear right in front of your very eyes.

Have your complete stable grazing in your backyard or casually cruising around your home. We want our community to imagine a future where players are able to watch ZED racehorses racing across a dining or coffee table and experienced from any angel, anywhere in the world.

From the very beginning, one of ZED’s core focus is to bring players closer to their digital investment by creating a stronger emotional bond between the owner and their valued NFT racehorses.

Here To Stay

AR on mobile and tablets is here to stay. Within the next five years, we strongly anticipate that we will see a massive boost in use cases for AR; not just in gaming but also for entertainment, education and beyond.

With the majority of consumer devices housing AR functionality and accessibility, creating a ZED AR application was always embedded on our roadmap in order to bridge entertainment, utility and value for all ZED stable owners. With this in mind, ZED aims to be a leader in connecting NFTs and digital assets together and subsequently creating a genuine bond between the two.

Leaps and Bounds in Racehorse Ownership

Speaking to real world stable owners, one facet of ownership consistently stood out; the love and connection owners have with their racehorses. All racehorses carry unique personalities and are soothing to their owners’ souls. Owning one takes passion, dedication and a level of emotional and financial engagement. They require attention, they need to be cared for, talked to and socialized. Although owning a real racehorse is expensive and a lot of work, the positive benefits are clear and plentiful.

Although ZED digital racehorses are not physically real, the goal is to push the boundaries and blur the lines between what is in fact real and what is digital.

This first iteration of the ZED AR application is a big step in this direction. Not only are we striving to create a connection with something digital but just as importantly to make horse ownership affordable, possible and easily access for everyone using the latest and greatest in consumer technology.

Tamagotchi 10.0

Whilst we want players to have fun, we also want to bring as much familiarity and realism to the ZED universe and the racehorse ownership experience. Our ultimate goal is to create a living and breathing digital asset that lives on the blockchain; one that you can visit, using virtual reality, and bring into your world using the ZED AR application. 

Think of this as the Digital Tamagotchi 10.0.

We want players to connect and engage uniquely with their digital racehorses in order to create a deeper emotional connection and utility between the player and their digital asset.


While scanning the competitive NFT landscape, we were surprised to find not many projects, if any, was offering AR ownership of an NFT. We saw this as an opportunity to capitalise on.

With modern technologies, ZED is in the pursuit of taking a static digital image out of the screen and into your world.

ZED AR is simple and fun to use; own an NFT and have it live inside your back pocket. Call upon the digital asset and have ZED racehorses standing and interacting alongside their owners in a real-world environment.

First Iteration

Beyond the novelty of our first iteration of the ZED AR application, we wanted to test what it would really feel like to have a digital racehorse in augmented reality in its most simplest form. In the ZED AR application that you can download right now, you will be able to:

  • Connect to your racing stable via QR code.
  • Tap on your racehorse and have it react.
  • See your racehorse walk to a targeted destination.
  • Take and share photos and videos of your racehorse.
  • Add custom ZED stickers and captions to your photos.
  • Check your racehorses statistics and racing information.
  • Place multiple racehorses into the same environment.

The Future of ZED AR

In future iterations, we will bring ZED stable owners even closer to their racehorses through more engaging and meaningful interactions. You will see your racehorse(s) show unique emotions and mannerisms and will respond accordingly to how often you engage with them. You will also see your racehorse’s emotions and physical attributes change relative to your bond with it. This is the future we are striving for and is possible with the integration of machine learning algorithms.

Helping create a realistic digital horse ownership experience for all, one that has never been seen before.

Using these current technologies we aim to create a living and breathing digital entity that reacts to its owner.

For Now

We want to give you a glimpse of the future of ZED. The opportunity to freely house one or more  ZED racehorses in your homes and surroundings is available now.  We cannot wait to hear what you think.

Minimum Requirements

The ZED AR application is free and works on both Android and iOS devices with the following minimum requirements:

iOSOSX 11 + ARKit Support
AndroidAny Android device that supports ARCore

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