Hello there fellow Zedders!

And that’s May all done! What a huge month for events and updates! Moving forward, we are going to provide monthly updates as there are so many moving parts and no doubt some users have missed a few things! So, take a seat! This wont take long! Here’s what happened in May this year!

Monthly Stats

ZED Stables1,459
ZED Racehorses7,242
Offsprings Born 138
Total Races 1,280
Total Prize Money Won$45,000 USD

Events in May

We were excited to have a handful of events and competitions in May. We have many more planned that are bigger with bigger pries to be won!

The Trail Blazer

On the 1st of May, we held the very first ‘official’ event, The Trail Blazer, where users had the chance to win $50 USD in ETH for placing 12th. The event was made that much more special with a mystery processional race caller by the named of The West Roars.

It was a great to see our community participate with a LIVE stream on our Discord channel where the event attracted users from all over and paid out 9 x Trail Blazers.

To read more about the event, you can click here.

Breeders Bonus

At the same time as the Trail Blazer event, we also ran a Breeders Bonus, to encourage breeding leading up to the main event. The rules were simple; breed a foal leading up to and during the event and that was your ticket for one lucky stable owner to win $100 USD in ETH.

The bonus encouraged 123 foals bred in the promotion period across a wide range of genotypes, but there was only one winner! If you’d like to read more about this promo, you can click here.

Racing Updates!

In the later part of the May, we dropped a huge update, one of the biggest updates we have ever done to date! Through all the Discord chats and feedback we had received during our on-going Beta Racing, we listened to the community and our developers got to work designing and implementing some amazing new features.

  • Watch Races in 3D!
  • Claiming Winnings
  • Spoiler Prevention
  • Discord Online User Count
  • Prizing Information
  • Breeding UI Fixes
  • Parents of Offspring

Check out this little snipped of the 3D racing! We are only just getting started here!

For a full breakdown of our updates on, click here.

ZED AR is Here!

The ZED AR application is here and you can download right now. With ZED AR, you will be able to:

  • Connect to your racing stable via QR code.
  • Tap on your racehorse and have it react.
  • See your racehorse walk to a targeted destination.
  • Take and share photos and videos of your racehorse.
  • Add custom ZED stickers and captions to your photos.
  • Check your racehorses statistics and racing information.
  • Place multiple racehorses into the same environment.

In future iterations, we will bring ZED stable owners even closer to their racehorses through more engaging and meaningful interactions. You will see your racehorse(s) show unique emotions and mannerisms and will respond accordingly to how often you engage with them. You will also see your racehorse’s emotions and physical attributes change relative to your bond with it.

To read our full update on our Augmented Reality ZED application, click here.

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