Hello there fellow Zedders!

We have some exciting news to share with you! The ZED team has been grinding to deliver the next scheduled update as well as deploying some improvements to the way users experience ZED.

From 12am PDT Friday 12th June, beta.zed.run will no longer be accessible and you must visit zed.run to continue racing. As you know, ZED Beta Racing has been operating on a unique URL, beta.zed.run since we launched live racing 11 weeks ago. However the time has come where we will be moving beta.zed.run to zed.run.

What does this mean?

Racing is now available for everyone and thus, no special access is required. If you are a ZED Racing Beta user, to continue racing, you must do so by visiting zed.run. ZED Racing will be only available to those who signed up to our Beta Program for the time being still.

Important Information!

If you are a previous ZED Beta user and cannot access racing, ensure the same the email was used as the same one that you used to create your ZED stable.

The shift from beta to zed.run will occur before 12am PDT on Friday 12th June 2020. 

From this date onwards, beta.zed.run will no longer be accessible and you must visit zed.run to continue racing. This will cause no interruptions at all and it is important to note that performance data will stay intact for the time being for all racehorses.

New Updates Are Here!

With this scheduled update, we will also be deploying some improvements:

New Currencies: JPY / EUR / HKD / USD / AUD

To help with the conversion from Ethereum to international currencies, we looked into where are users are from with the help of some Google Analytics and we hsvr add additional currencies.

Users can now select, JPY (Japanese Yen), EUR (EU Euro), USD (United States Dollar), AUD (Australian Dollar) and HKD (Hong Kong Dollar).

To access all the currencies, click the ETH value in the top right corner and then select your preferred currency.

Updated ‘Winnings’ UI

The ‘Claim All’ section has also been updated with a super clean design which includes the finishing position, ETH won, race location/distance and which horse won the race.

This may not be the biggest change in terms of design, but its the little things that enhance the user experience when interacting with the ZED platform.

Free Camera View on 3D Racing

This one is pretty exciting! Users watching the 3D racing can now zoom in/out and well as take control of the viewing angle, all live during the race! We call this feature ‘Free Cam Mode’.

We suggest all of you racers to get out there and try this new feature, as it completely changes the viewing experience! You can get so close to the horse, you can feel part of the race!

3D Racing Replay Improvements

This was a little strange one, but identified by a few of you in the community! Our development team fixed the bug that would automatically restart race replays if someone was already viewing the replay.

Users can now watch a replay and not interfere with another user’s replay, if someone else happens to be watching at the same replay, at the same time.

Racing Notifications

A new feature we have added will now include a user notification to be sent 1 minute before races start…So now, you will never miss a race! This feature can be activated through the settings on the user’s stable.

New ZED AR Update!

If you haven’t been prompted by your phone just yet, you will see an new update filtering across both the Android and Apple platforms very shortly! We’ve expanded the application to allow for more personalisation with capturing pics!

The new update will now include;

  • New fonts and colour picker for captions
  • Users can now access their entire stable of horses (not capped at 10 anymore)

We’ll continue to update this app with even more features moving forward.

PS. Don’t forget! Our ZED AR application is available for FREE on both the Google’s Play store and Apple’s App Store! Download it now and make sure you tag ZED on any pictures you post online!

That’s it for now, but there are more updates in the works, so keep you eyes peeled on our socials to stay up to date!

Making ZED more accessible to a wider audience will always be our goal as we continue to grow our awesome community and this is the first step in that direction.

A massive thank you to our beta testers who have participated in over 1,350 races and competed for 275 in ETH that has been on offer.

The zest is yet to come…

Join the Fun ūüźé

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