ZEST is built to be fun, engaging, encourage banter and best of all, it’s FREE. Before delving deeper into the mechanics of how ZEST will work, it is important to communicate, well, why ZEST?

Lets Take a Step Back for a Minute

Growing our ZED community is paramount to the overall vision we have for gaming on the blockchain. Quite frankly though, user growth in the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) space has been slow. We realise the path to onboarding users, signing up to an exchange and purchasing ETH is proving to be daunting, even for self-proclaimed tech enthusiasts.

We have been working hard to target this issue by providing easier access for new users through a free fantasy token called, you guessed it, ZEST. Creating our own token has been in discussion since the beginning of the ZED journey and today, with over 7,200+ NFTs in circulation and the launch of public racing, we believe the timing is right.

Go earn yourself some FREE ZEST or more, go Play With Zest

Go earn yourself some FREE ZEST or more, go Play With Zest !

ZEST allows new users to get in on the ZED fun without having to own or learn a thing about NFTs. Users can earn free ZEST instantly, play risk-free and engage with a fun, fantasy-based Play Platform, quickly boosting interaction and participation with the ZED ecosystem.

The ZED Play Platform is coming!

Where is the value?

We know growing any community is dependent on individuals like you spreading the word. With that said, ZEST is being distributed to those who participate and help grow the ZEST platform through our rewards and referral program. 

Coming soon, players will be able to redeem prizes with their ZEST tokens via the Play Platform. With ZEST, you will be able to redeem ZED NFTs that holds an actual Ether value, and other prizes will also include partner tokens that hold a real dollar value.

ZEST Economics

ZED aims to attract the next wave of mainstream adopters, people who have a love for competitive sports, horse racing, competition and winning. Attracting new users to our world and community is about creating tangible value that can be seen and felt by the average person. When we offer fun, mixed with strong elements of entertainment, we know it can be a winning formula for adoption.

ZEST is not an investment product, it is important to note that ZEST tokens will remain uncapped. ZEST is intended as an in-game fantasy economy, helping us growth hack through onboarding new users into the land of NFT ownership and because it’s free, it becomes a fantastic vehicle to attract newbies. 

Jump the Queue

Start earning FREE ZEST right now. Don’t be a spoil sport, and start spreading some ZEST love.


ZEST is a token to empower our community to do more inside our ecosystem. Later stages of development will include a reward system for completing actions within the ZED ecosystem. 

To speculate further on what ZEST could be, join the discussion on Discord #WTFZEST.

Join the Fun 🐎

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