The future of music production has just arrived.

When it comes to music on the blockchain, Emanate is what always springs to mind. This platform allows musicians to get paid instantly when their music is being streamed. Think of Spotify, but instead, it’s on the blockchain where limitless opportunity can arise.

Just recently, ZED.RUN and Emanate have announced its partnership that will disrupt the world of gaming and music. This collaboration aims to unite gaming, music, and blockchain altogether. The partnership opens up new opportunities for musicians not only on the Emanate platform but everywhere around the globe. The chosen tracks will be part of the ZED universe as one of their music tracks on the gaming platform. Imagine hearing your music during the virtual races on ZED; what an achievement, right?

Who is ZED?

ZED is a virtual race horsing game on the blockchain where you can buy, bred, sell and race thoroughbreds to create a legacy of winning racehorses while generating a monetary return. 

Who is Emanate?

Emanate is building a blockchain-ready music technology platform with artists, creativity, and collaboration at the center, aligning incentives for all ecosystem participants to drive transformational change for the music industry.

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