We are proud to introduce our very first Virtually Human Studio Fireside Chat!

In this first episode, our very own Travis Winn sits and down to chat with our friend and ZED evangelist, Rahul Sood.

Rahul Sood is the co-founder of Unikrn, a global Esports entertainment and regulated sports betting platform built on cutting edge blockchain and gaming technologies. Previous to Unikrn, Rahul created the first incubation fund for startups at Microsoft, and eventually, consolidated their global startup activities and launched Microsoft Ventures

In our inaugural episode, Travis and Rahul deep dive into a discussion about the birth of Unikrn, the ZED ecosystem, where Non Fungible Token (NFT) gaming and gaming on blockchain is headed.

We cannot wait to keep bringing our community more fireside discussions with people who are passionate and prominent within the blockchain and gaming community.

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