We are proud to announce that ZED’s Extremely Sexy Token, ZEST, is now live!
Before we delve into how to use ZEST and what value it holds, head over to playwithzest.com right now, sign up, and get 1,000 ZEST on us and instantly back your very first winner!

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Back Yourself

For a brief overview on how ZEST works and how to get start and place your first pick, watch the video below!

Please Note: ZEST is in BETA. Being built the world first dApp built on NEAR’s blockchain, any feedback or suggestions are welcome through our Discord community.

Your Guide to ZEST Play Platform

We have split this blog up into the following sections to give an overview on the entire ZEST Play Platform:

  • Why ZEST
  • Getting Started
  • How To Select A Race
  • Understanding the Number
  • How are Odds Calculated
  • How To Place Your Picks
  • How To Watch A Race
  • How To Claim Your Winnings
  • How The Odds Are Calculated
  • How to Get More ZEST
  • Frequently Asked Questions


The ZEST Play Platform represents the first forward step in adding value to the entire ZED ecosystem. As with anything, seeds need to be planted and nurtured before the rewards can be reaped and this is what we are doing with ZEST.

ZEST was born out of the desire to allow new and exisiting community members to play and banter with one another. If you have always wanted to put your money where your mouth is, or in our case, your ZEST, now you can by backing your own stable of racehorses! The best part of all this, is that it is completely free to do so!

Put simply, ZEST is a safe place for our community to try their luck and play the odds without the risk!

The ZEST Play Platform allows you to play the odds and predict winners of each and every one of our ZED RUN races. By using ZEST as your currency to play, it is a fun, risk free way of battling out who has the most supreme ZED knowledge within the community.

Getting Started

From the get-go, the ZEST Play Platform is built to be intuitive and user friendly. Earning your first 1,000 free ZEST is easy to do!

Simply enter your email and your account is created! You will be emailed a link to confirm and verify the email address you entered.

Signing up is a breeze. No MetaMask. No passwords. It’s like magic. And the best part is, you can pick your race winners on any mobile device!

We have been able to make huge strides in how we onboard users into the ZEST ecosystem in large thanks to our partnership with NEAR, which you can read more about in our previous blog post here.

One you are logged in, you will see your ZEST balance in the top right hand corner.

How To Select A Race

On the next to run side bar located on the left hand side of the screen, you will find the races that are about to run next. Take note of the scheduled start time and how much ZEST has been placed on that race by other users; this may give you an indication of who is the favourite to win.

Remember you can place your picks right up until the race is about to start!

Understanding The Numbers

The first thing you will notice after you have selected a race is that beside each racehorse, the following information is displayed:

  1. Racehorse name
  2. Stable owner
  3. Career 1st, 2nd and 3rd places
  4. Number of picks (i.e. how many unique user are backing that racehorse)
  5. Stake (the total amount of ZEST placed on that racehorse)
  6. Odds (the lower the odds, the higher chance of the horse winning and vice versa)

If you want to stay ahead of the pack and increase your chances of winning, you will find more detailed information on every racehorse on ZED. Information such as bloodline, breed type, genotype and win percentage contribute to how well a racehorse will perform, so head over to ZED under the Next to Run menu.

How Are The Odds Calculated

The odds on each racehorse are calculated by taking in account these factors:

  • Bloodline
  • Genotype
  • Breed type
  • Past performance
  • Past performance of the racehorse’s parent (if any)

Understanding what impact these factors play into a racehorse’s ability is paramount to picking a race winner.

How To Place Your Picks

It is your time to shine and this is where the competition begins!

excited pumped up GIF by NBA

Once a race is selected, you now need to make your pick.

By clicking on the odds icon of any racehorse will move your pick into the Picks section located in the right hand side bar. From here, you can select how much ZEST on you want to use on that prediction.

Once you have decided how much ZEST to put on each racehorse(s) click Place located at the bottom right of the screen. Your picks will be sent to the blockchain and processed instantly!

You can also easily review your picks by going over to My Picks on the right hand side of your screen for any given race.

You will be able to place picks on as many racehorses as you want, however be mindful of your ZEST balance.

How To Watch The Race

After you have made your picks, it is time to watch the race! Click on the watch live button in the left hand side bar at the time your race is schedule to run.

Races can be watched in 2D or 3D and on your mobile or desktop!

To experience the 3D races, you should have some decent hardware powering your setup!

How to Claim Your Winnings

After the completion of the race, if the racehorse you backed won, your winnings will be automatically topped up into your ZEST account! To see all your past picks and the outcome of them, toggle over to Past Picks as shown below:

How To Get More ZEST

If you run out of ZEST, fear not, there is still a way to get more. By helping spread the ZEST love, we will continue to reward our community for a limited time only.


Frequently Asked Questions

A great place to ask some questions and get the latest tips is within the #zest-general channel in our ZED Run Discord channel. Our community is always active and so are our internal team members! So if you are stuck somewhere, always feel free to reach out.

Q: What do I need to sign up for ZEST Play Platform?

All you need is an email address. No wallet and not even a password. All you need to do is enter your email and then verify your email address.

Every time you wish to log into ZEST, you will receive an email to confirm it; you!

Q: Can I change my email address?

No. Once you have signed up to ZEST, you cannot change your email address. We will look at adding this functionality soon.

Q: I’ve completed the tasks to get my FREE ZEST. When will I get my FREE ZEST?

We will distribute your FREE ZEST once our rewards campaigns end. You can continue to earn free ZEST here for a limited time only.

Q: Are ZEST tokens in limited circulation?

At the moment, no. However, as ZEST mature we will look at capping the number of token in our ecosystem.

Q: Can I trade ZEST on an exchange?

No. Right now, ZEST is made for the ZED RUN ecosystem only. We are exploring ways in which to add market value within the wider cryptocurrency community.

Q: Can I transfer my ZEST to someone?

No. For security reasons, ZEST is not transferrable at this moment.

Q: Is it really free to use the ZEST Play Platform?

Yes! You can enjoy everything about ZEST and ZED RUN without ever needing to spend any money… unless if you wish to buy your very own digital ZED racehorse of course!

Q: Are we going to be able get anything with our ZEST?

Yes! In the future you will be able to redeem ZEST for a whole host of rewards, including ZED racehorses.

We also have more applications and features planned for ZEST and the ZEST Play Platform in the future, but we won’t spoil the surprise too soon!

Q: Where can I share some ideas to improve the platform?

We always love hearing from our community on how we can improve! The best place to do this would be inside our ZED Run Discord channel located right here.

Q: How are winnings distributed?

Your winnings are distributed automatically into your account’s ZEST balance.

Q: I just missed the race! Where can I see the results of a race I just placed prediction on?

The best place to do this is by navigating to the My Picks section on ZEST. Click on any racehorse that you placed a prediction on and you will be redirected to the race result page where you can watch a reply in 2D or 3D.

Join the Fun 🐎

Head over to playwithzest.com to start by signing up and earning 1,000 free ZEST, or join one of our fast-growing social channels below;