One big barrier we have known since we launched ZED was that installing MetaMask, writing down your seed phrase, remembering your password and then having to buy Ethereum from a 3rd party exchange was not fun to say the least. As a result, our ability to deliver a smooth user experience was hindered and the growth of our community would inevitably stall.

Improving accessibility to ZED has always been an important goal for us. After months of development and testing, we are proud to announce that we have partnered with Magic to bring you passwordless logins.

What does passwordless login mean exactly? Gone are days of having to install MetaMask if you do not wish to. Now, you can simply sign in to and play ZED, accumulate racehorses and hit the race track with just an email address!

If you do not have MetaMask, you can still enjoy ZED with your Magic link.

For our existing community members, fear not, we will continue to maintain our support for MetaMask.

How does Magic link work?

The Magic link is a passwordless sign up process that sends a unique link to your email inbox, which you can use to sign into your ZED Stable. Magic link works in three (3) easy steps:

  1. From the ZED home page, press start and enter your email address.
  2. Verify your email address by clicking on the unique link that appears in your email inbox.
  3. Return to ZED and you will be automatically logged you in.

Please note that each magic link is unique and can only be used once. This means that each time you log out of ZED and would like to log back in, you only have to enter your email address after you press the start button. Once you press continue, click on the link in the email we send you. Please also check your spam folder in case you cannot find the email in your inbox.

Magic links expire after one (1) hour. If your link expires, simply enter your email your address ZED and click continue again to send a new link.

What next?

When you verify your email address, a digital wallet is securely created in the background, especially for you. This digital wallet acts like any other digital wallet but now with Magic, lives inside of ZED.

You will be able to send, withdraw and top up your Ethereum all from the same place within your ZED stable.

The ability to purchase Ethereum by using a credit card within ZED is a long awaited feature and something we are very excited about.

Topping up your digital wallet without having to go to a third party exchange is now possible in ZED, thanks to Transak. The ability to purchase Ethereum by using a credit card within ZED is a long awaited feature and something we are very excited about. You can read more about Transak in our dedicated blog post here.

It is important to note that you cannot link a MetaMask account with a Magic account given that each account will have a unique digital wallet address.

Is Magic secure?

More than you can imagine.

Managing user identity and protecting the authentication and authorization processes are responsibilities we take seriously. Magic is built by Fortmatic who are a cybersecurity company that specialise in blockchain private key management.

Too often we hear about security hacks and breaches because nowadays, most applications are built with a username/email/phone/password security model, which are obsolete for many reasons:

  • Password leaks are prevalent
  • Hashed passwords are insecure
  • More and more user sessions are being hijacked

With Magic, users are authenticated without passwords using end-to-end transport layer security (TPS). What this translates to is that it prevents man-in-the-middle attacks. Users using services provided by Magic are protected end-to-end.

Magic is live!

For the first time, those that are unfamiliar with the blockchain can now enjoy ZED seamlessly! Start your legacy now!

ZED up!

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