Today we are happy to announce the integration of credit cards and fiat on ramp within ZED!

What this means is that you can now purchase ZED racehorses and top up your digital wallet with only an email address and credit card!

Working with Transak, Magic Link and Stripe, we are helping make ZED even easier to use. The days of being stuck in a situation where users have to familiarise themselves with a digital wallet, seed phrases and third party exchanges (sorry crypto gods) to interact within a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) environment, like ZED, are coming to a close.

How It Works

Historically in ZED, users would have to sign up to and create their own Metamask account, which can be an intimidating and drawn out process, especially for users who are unfamiliar with digital wallets. You can read in detail about how we eliminated the need for MetaMask by using Magic Link in our latest blog here.

The best thing about this, is that you can play ZED and access all its features, directly from your handheld device.

Since simplifying the user onboarding process, we improved how users can transact in ZED. With our latest update, there are two (2) additional ways in which to purchase a ZED racehorse. The best thing about this, is that you can play ZED and access all its features, directly from your handheld device.

1. Direct Credit Card Purchasing

New to blockchain? No worries. After you sign into ZED for the first time, you can own a racehorse by simply using your credit card.

After your credit card details has been processed, you can access a receipt confirmation from the activity page located in the header bar.

Shortly after the payment has gone through, your brand new Genesis racehorse will be created on the blockchain and be sent to your stable. Please note that it generally takes 2-3 minutes. before your racehorse appears in your stable.

Direct credit card payments can only be used when buying ZED racehorses from the Marketplace. You cannot breed or race directly with a credit card. You will first need top up your digital wallet, which you can do with a credit card in order to breed and race which will be explained below.

2. Topping Up Your Digital Wallet With Credit Cards

To unlock the ability to race and breed in ZED, you must top up your digital wallet. By signing up to ZED, a digital wallet is automatically created for you and topping it up has never been easier.

When visiting your stable and pressing the settings icon, you will be able to top up your digital wallet with ethereum without the need of having to visit a third party exchange if you do not wish to. Simply press the Buy ETH button and the following pop up will appear asking you to Add Funds.

Whether you elected to sign up to ZED via a Magic Link or MetaMask, you can top up your wallet using the above method. Alternatively, you use the QR code or copy your wallet address and transfer ethereum into your wallet from any source.

ZED will continue to support MetaMask. However for a seamless mobile experience, the above two (2) methods work best as MetaMask does not currently support mobile.

Improving User Experience

We are excited about this change for two reasons. Firstly, adding various ways to access ZED improves the experience for our existing users by enabling a quick and easy way to purchase racehorses and top up your digital wallet without the need to visit any cryptocurrency exchange.

Secondly, it improves the on boarding experience for new users. Our mission is to attract new users and give them the opportunity to transact and purchase quickly without the without the hurdles typically associated with the blockchain.

We have always pushed ourselves to make ZED one of the most user friendly experiences in the blockchain space. Entertainment and gaming should be the medium that brings in new users and helps them fall in love with the Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and all it has to offer. To successfully achieve this means constantly iterating and improving our user experience and we believe, with our newly formed alliance with Magic Link, Transak and Stripe, we are taking strides in the right direction.

Join the Fun ūüźé

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