The ZED RUN team has been working on an all new gameplay mode that we have secretly kept under wraps.

With our latest feature release, which will come as a welcome surprise, we set out to deliver a risk-free racing experience whilst still keeping the spirit of having something to race for.

We set out to deliver, a risk-free racing experience whilst still keeping the spirit of having something to race for.

We also wanted racehorse owners to become more familiar with their racehorse(s) running ability by learning how their racehorse performs on different track distances, against different racehorses without having to continuously pay a nomination or buy-in fee. As a result, we are happy to announce that Free Racing is here.

Free Racing Fast Facts

Before delving deeper into what is free racing, here are the fast facts you need to know:

  • $60,000 USD is up for grabs
  • Free buy-ins means $0 nomination fees
  • Prepare a racehorse is removed for free racing
  • Each free race will still have a prize pool up for grabs
  • One (1) racehorse per stable, per free race is allowed

What is Free Racing

Free racing enables all ZED RUN stable owners to get their racehorse on the track faster and competing for prize money, for free.

These free races will run everyday and will be identified by the yellow “Free” icon displayed on the race.

You will be able to watch all ZED RUN races in 3D via our 24/7 Twitch stream.

Free Buy-ins

Previously in ZED RUN, every race required racehorse owners to buy into a race which ranged from from $2 USD to $150 USD per gate. With the launch of free racing, buying into a gate will cost you $0. That’s right, free racing is completely…free!

Now you can race your stable of racehorses for free, whilst still having a chance at winning the prize money on offer!

No Need To Prepare Your Racehorse

For all free races, you will no longer need to prepare your racehorse(s) in order to enter an event. Therefore, all racehorses are immediately eligible for free races as without the need to have it in ‘ready to race’ mode.

If your racehorse is already prepared for racing, you do not have to do anything as you will still be permitted to enter a free race event.

For all free races, racehorse owners will no longer need to prepare their racehorses…

To enter a free race, simply locate a clearly marked free race, select an open gate, choose your racehorse and you are set!

Please note that if you wish to enter a race that has a buy-in or nomination fee, your racehorse must be prepared for racing. If it is your first time preparing your racehorse for a race, read our how to Racing Guide.

Free Race Limits

Each stable will be allowed to enter one (1) racehorse into a free race to ensure that all community members have a chance to race.

However, there is no limit on the number of free races you can enter into. There is no limit on the number of free races you can enter into.

Please note, that if your racehorse has entered a buy-in race or a free race, it cannot be entered into any other future races. You must wait till the completion of the race your racehorse is in to enter another race.

Prize Pools

What we are most excited about is that our community still has the chance to participate in prized events without the need to buy into a race!

To claim your stake of the prize pool, you need to finish in 1st, 2nd or 3rd place. The allocation of prize money is distributed as follows:

1st Place60%
2nd Place25%
3rd Place15%

All winning horses from the free race events will be distributed their prize money automatically without the need to go through the claiming process.

Please note, that for races that require a buy-in, all winnings will still need be to be claimed.

Free Racing Schedules

Free races will broadcast differently to the ZED RUN races you are currently accustomed to seeing.

Free Racing will operate on a predetermined schedule. A free race will not run before its scheduled start time even if the race is filled with twelve (12) racehorses before hand. These scheduled start times are known as Provisional Start times.

Conversely, If a race has not been filled before the provisional start time, it will be automatically rescheduled to a new start time until that race event is filled. Races will be rescheduled by up to 30 minutes at a time.

Mobile Ready

Take ZED RUN with you, any where and every where! What makes free racing even better is the fact that it will be fully functional on mobile!

If you have not done so already, create a stable and start racing now with just an email address! If you are an existing user with a MetaMask wallet, download the MetaMask app now for iOS or Android.

Hang On, Where is Gasless Transactions?

Our gasless solution for racing will be launched shortly. What free racing represents is a way for new and existing stable owners to jump straight to the racetrack without the burden and bottlenecks of the blockchain.

Once we launch our racing gasless solution on Matic, you will no longer need to prepare your racehorse also!

Rest assured, our gasless solution, powered by Matic, is coming to ZED RUN very, very soon.

What Are You Waiting For?

If you do not own a ZED RUN racehorse, head over to our marketplace now to snap one up…or collect one from every bloodline!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I participate in free racing?

To participate in free racing, all you need is to do is create a stable from ZED RUN and purchase a racehorse from our marketplace. Once you have at least one (1) racehorse in your stable, head over to the events page and look for the ‘free racing’ icon!

Why should I participate in a free race?

Participating in a free race allows you race for prize money and allows you to see how your racehorse performs on different distances and against a different racehorses.

How do I claim my winnings?

If your racehorse comes in 1st, 2nd or 3rd position, the winnings will be automatically distributed to you.

What happens if I don’t receive my winnings?

In some instances, payout transactions may fail. If this happens to you, sit tight, as the transaction will automatically distribute the winnings to you. If you still experience issues, contact support via our community Discord #issues-and-bugs channel.

How many racehorses can I enter in a free race?

To ensure fairness, you can enter one (1) racehorse into every free race. There is no limit on how many free races you can enter into.

Do I have to prepare my racehorse for free racing?

For free race events, you do not have to prepare your racehorse to participate. You will however, need to prepare your racehorse for all other events that require a buy-in. To learn about preparing your racehorse, you can read our Racing Guide.

Wait, my racehorse(s) is already prepared for racing. What do I do?

If your racehorse(s) is already prepared for racing and you want to participate in a free race, there is nothing you have to do.

Does free racing go on my racehorse(s) record?

Yes. The results from any free race you participate in will be included in your racing statistics.

How many free races are there per day?

Free race events will be scheduled throughout the day across all class types. Be sure to visit our events page for a full list of upcoming free races. Get in quick though, as these free races will fill up fast!

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