We are excited to announce the launch of the Match-Up Masters. We are connecting real-world horse racing to ZED RUN and giving our community the chance to WIN 1KUSD by tipping the winner of the Melbourne Cup!

The Match-Up Masters fuses the thoroughbred industry with the concept of digital ownership. The Match-Up Masters is intended to be a series of ZED RUN events that will be linked to real-world thoroughbred racing meets from around the globe. ZED RUN stable owners can now use their racehorses and racing victories in tandem with predictions made on the outcome of real-world thoroughbred racing like the Melbourne Cup to a share in cash prizes.

The Match-Up Masters is a unique way to reward players within the ZED RUN ecosystem. In a world-first, we are coupling the prestige of major real-world thoroughbred racing to the ZED RUN universe to create a bridge between predicting physical racehorse outcomes with the performance of digital racehorses on the blockchain.

This is a fantastic chance for our community to experience and enjoy the thrill of some of the worlds most famous horse racing events alongside the futuristic world of ZED RUN.

To kick things off, the first event in our Match-Up Master’s line up is the Melbourne Cup; if you don’t already know, its the race stops an entire the nation!

To get started, complete the form below by clicking ENTER TO WIN!

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The rules are simple and are broken down in a step-by-step below:

Step One
Predict and pick any racehorse that you believe could win the Melbourne Cup. Your pick here would be your tip for the winner in the major race.

Step Two
Nominate a ZED RUN racehorse from your stable to match your tip selection. Any ZED racehorse you own!

Important: Make sure you complete the first two steps before entering a paid race, as we timestamp your selections once the form is completed. Repeat for each entry.

Step Three
Go to ZED RUN and race your nominated racehorse in as many paid races (buy-in events) as you like.

Step Four
If your nominated ZED racehorse places in the top 3 position of any race, you have successfully locked in a Match-Up for the big event! Remember to lock-in a Match-Up; your ZED RUN racehorse must have finished 1st, 2nd or 3rd in at least one paid race from the time of this publishing.

Step Five
Watch the Melbourne Cup! If your tip goes on to win the big race, you will take home an equal share in $1,000USD, split across the winners.

How to Play

As long as you are an active member of the ZED RUN community you will be able to take part in the Match-Up Masters! If you haven’t already got a ZED racehorse, head over to our Marketplace to secure one Melbourne Cup worthy. All you need to take part in the Match-Up Masters is your own racehorse and a ZED RUN race victory.

ZED Genesis Racehorse Marketplace

Prize Pools

For the first Match-Up Masters, we are starting off the prize pool at $1000 USD for the Melbourne Cup!

ZED RUN will stake a cash prize for every real-world event in future Match-Up Master’s calendar. The cash prize will be shared equally amongst the players that correctly predict the racehorse that wins the event in the Match-Up Masters and has also matched it to a placed racehorse from their ZED RUN stable.

All you need to take part in the Match-Up Masters is your own ZED Run Racehorse and a ZED RUN race victory.

Ongoing with the Match-Up Masters

Depending on success, participation and feedback from the ZED RUN community, we will look towards more Match-Up events.

What we do love about the Match-Up Masters is that there are many exciting sporting events throughout the year. We see this as an opportunity to play predication markets alongside ZED RUN racing. 

Although we are starting with the Melbourne Cup, we may see more Match-Up events attached to other popular sporting events that live outside the horse racing industry such as the Monaco Grand Prix or Daytona 500.

Want to discuss it more, jump over to Discord and chat with our awesome community.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many times can I enter?

You can have as many entries as you do ZED RUN racehorses! Each prediction you make on a real-world event is pegged to a racehorse that you own on ZED RUN. 

Does it count if I use Free Racing? 


The Match-Up Masters has been designed to encourage paid racing on ZED. To lock in a Match-Up, you must enter a paid race. 

Can I change my selections?


Once you have made a decision and locked it in via the form, you will not be able to change your prediction. Our recommendation would be, pick another prediction with another ZED RUN racehorse that you own.

How do I enter again?

First, use the form by clicking here to select a racehorse you think will be the winner of the Melbourne Cup.

Secondly, nominate one of your ZED RUN racehorses to match your digital horse to your prediction. Run your racehorse in a paid ZED RUN racing events and place top 3 in at least one race to lock-in your Match Up.

Remember you will need to fill in the form each time you make a new Match-Up prediction combo. Fill in the form before entering a paid race each time.

When is the Melbourne Cup

The Melbourne Cup is held on November 3rd at 3 pm Australian Eastern Standard Time. Roughly a week from the date this article has been published.

How do I look up the odds of runners in the Melbourne Cup?

Most sports betting websites will display the odds on each horse. We recommend doing your own research.

How are winnings split?

The $1000 USD prize pool will be paid out in ETH with the total amount being split evenly among the winners.

Can I change my prediction?


Once you have made a decision and locked it in via the form you will not be able to change your prediction. Our recommendation would be to make another prediction if you’re confident in a new winner!

Play by the Rules

Important: Enter the form before entering each paid race. We timestamp entries. You’ll need to do this multiple times if you want multiple eneteries.

You can only match-up one ZED Run racehorse to one real-world prediction.

Players note, you can pick as many real-world Melbourne Cup winners as you like as long as they correspond to a ZED RUN racehorse that you own. Therefore, the more ZED Racehorses you have the more entries you can make. Do not forget that you must enter a paid race (buy-in event) with your ZED RUN racehorse and place in the top 3 in a race for your tip to be eligible.

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