It has been a little over 6 months since ZED RUN launched its Racing Beta. During this time, we have gathered an immense amount of data and feedback and have seen the successful completion of 4,000+ races. 

As we begin to come out of the ZED RUN Racing Beta, it is important that we convey how racing actually works in ZED RUN. We want this blog to act as a source of truth for anyone wanting to understand our underlying ethos of how we are building a provably fair racing ecosystem. 

ZED RUN Racing is a game of skill where you have the power to dictate what your chance of success on the racetrack will be. 

From the outset, our goal for ZED RUN Racing was simple; reward users who take the time to study not only their own racehorses, but other competing racehorse’s too.

As part of this significant update, there will be a scheduled maintenance which means you will not be able to race your racehorses for a short amount of time until the update is complete. We will announce ahead of time when this will take place.

Let’s Get Started

This blog will be broken down into the following sections, providing useful information to new and existing community members.

  1. Our Learnings
  2. What is a Racehorse’s DNA
  3. Importance of Genesis Racehorses
  4. Racehorse Ability Calculation
  5. Will Existing Racehorses Be Affected
  6. Re-establishing Race Records

Our Learnings

We uncovered a plethora of data and areas of improvement thanks to the community’s participation in the Racing Beta. Below are our key findings which have been addressed in the incoming racing update.

Reducing Variation

One of the biggest data points that we have analysed is the amount of times a racehorse has placed based on its bloodline, genotype and breed type, relative to its competitors. By analysing the data, we have statistically observed that there has been too much variability in the performance of all racehorses. In some instances, racehorses can finish first and then finish last, from race to race, even if up against a similar field of competitors.

Predictable Racing Patterns

At certain points in a race, racehorses may seem to speed up or slow down randomly, making it difficult to understand and gauge what your racehorses’s strengths are.

Broken Class System

Version 1.0 of Classes was deployed to encourage like-for-like racing, giving everyone the feeling that they had a chance to perform well in a given race. As the number of completed races grew, we began noticing a widening gap between of racehorse abilities that lived within the same class causing unbalanced races.

The Racing Classes update will happen after the Racing update that is discussed in this blog.

We will be releasing a detailed update of Racing Classes shortly after this blog which will, for the first time, explain in detail the new progression system.

What is a Racehorse’s DNA

Before delving into how a racehorse’s ability is calculated, it is crucial that we briefly appreciate the genetic makeup of a ZED RUN racehorse.

Every ZED RUN racehorse’s genetic makeup is composed of a DNA combination, which is made up of the following three (3) characteristics:


In ZED RUN, there are four (4) bloodlines in total being Nakamoto, Szabo, Finney and Buterin. The Nakamoto bloodline is the most consistent and dominant bloodline whilst the Buterin bloodline can be the most unpredictable performer on the racetrack. 

Each bloodline possesses different qualities that affect how a racehorse’s ability is calculated during the birthing and minting process.

From the outset, bloodline still plays the most significant role in contributing to a racehorse’s overall ability rating.

Therefore, the more sought after a bloodline is, the greater the chance of consistent success and performances your racehorse(s) will have on the racetrack.


Genotype refers to how far away a racehorse is away from its ancestors. What you need to know about genotypes is simple; Z1 is the rarest and gives you the highest chance of having a top performing racehorse(s). Genotypes max out at Z268 meaning, the higher the genotype, the lower the chance the racehorse will possess a strong racing ability.

Breed Type

Breed type is a hierarchy system that is used to broadly reflect genotype. There are six (6) breed types in total which are Genesis, Legendary, Exclusive, Elite, Cross and Pacer.

All early release racehorses (i.e. Z1 to Z10) are defined as a Genesis Breed; the purest breed of all which cannot be reproduced. The Genesis breed are racehorses sold by ZED RUN and play a pivotal role in determining a racehorse’s racing ability. The closer the breed type of your racehorse is to the Genesis breed, the more favourable your racehorse’s racing ability will be.

The combination of these three (3) characteristics, bloodline, genotype and breed type, is what contributes most to a racehorse’s racing ability. 

More Resources

If you wish to learn more about bloodlines, genotypes and breed types, please refer to these articles:

Importance of Genesis Racehorses

Genesis racehorses exist across the Z1 to Z10 genotypes, where only 38,000 are available. To reiterate, Genesis racehorses cannot be reproduced and the only way to purchase these rare assets is through ZED RUN’s marketplace.

By owning a Genesis racehorse, you have a natural edge against other non-Genesis racehorses. 

However, ZED RUN was built to be accessible not only by our early adopters, but also. by new users.

Even if your racehorse is not a Genesis racehorse, it can inherit the ability from its parents to be a top performer regardless of its breed type. 

Therefore, it is highly probable that you can create and breed a champion racehorse by identifying superior racehorses in the Stud Marketplace. Even if you own a non-Genesis racehorse, it can inherit the ability from its parents to be a top performer regardless of its breed type. 

In essence, those that take the time to study the racehorses in the Stud Fram, will be rewarded with potential race winners.

Racehorse Ability Generation

The ability of a racehorse has two separate calculations; one calculation is for Genesis racehorses and the other calculation is for non-Genesis racehorses. The reason for this is because Genesis racehorses do not have ‘parents’, where a non-Genesis racehorse’s ability is derived from its parents. However, the underlying spirit of the formula for both calculations is inherently the same.

Genesis Racehorse Ability Calculation

A Genesis racehorse’s ability is made up of its bloodline, breed type and genotype (DNA). The ability given to a Genesis racehorse is calculated by placing a weighted factor on the combination of its DNA.

On average, a Z1 Nakamoto Genesis racehorse will perform better on the race track than a Z2 Nakamoto Genesis racehorse. However, based on ability alone, this does not mean that a Z1 Nakamoto Genesis will always outrun a Z2 Nakamoto Genesis racehorse.

The updated algorithm is designed in a way that allows for a racehorse’s ability to overlap with other bloodlines, breed types and genotypes causing for dynamic and exciting racing.

To give more context, please note the above explanation is only taking into account a racehorse’s raw ability and not their distance preference.

Non-Genesis Racehorse Ability Calculation

A non-Genesis racehorse is heavily weighted towards the ability of its parents in addition to its DNA combination. As a stable owner, you have a high degree of influence and control of the offspring that is created.

At its core, the racing algorithm update is built to reflect and respect the DNA of a racehorse whilst providing an opportunity to lesser tiered racehorses to place and win, under the correct racing conditions. 

Racehorse Ability Deviation

A racehorse’s ability will deviate from race to race, as they do in the real world. Some racehorses will deviate more so than others, with those that deviate the most from their average racing ability can perform exceedingly well and at the same time perform very poorly. The amount of deviation from a racehorse’s average ability is given randomly at birth and cannot be influenced by a stable owner. 

The aim is to breed with those racehorses that will yield you the best possible racing ability for your offspring. For example, the greater the ability that your racehorse encompasses, the lesser the impact a ‘bad day’ will have on its race result(s). 

Racehorse Characteristics

Every racehorse is born with a set of characteristics that includes:

  • Distance Preference
  • Gate Preference 
  • Handicap
  • Fatigue Factor

These characteristics are generated at birth and are fixed. At the time of writing, distance preference is the only characteristic implemented in this update, with gate preference, handicap and fatigue factor to be introduced in due course.

To be clear, your racehorses’s distance preference does influence how your racehorse will perform in any given race. We strongly suggest that you determine what your racehorse(s) optimal running distance is by competing in a variety of race distances. 

Will My Racehorse’s Ability Change?

The short answer is yes.

Whilst we have been very mindful to stay true to the existing data, changes had to be made in order to establish a racing ecosystem based on skill and strategy.

Racehorses with super ‘freak’ abilities will be affected with the new racing update, bringing them in line with their DNA combination.

A racehorse’s characteristics, such as distance preference, will not change. For example, if your racehorse is a good long distance runner, it will remain that way.

Re-establishing Race Records

The purpose of the ZED RUN Racing Beta was to learn and refine the racing experience for our community. As outlined in our Racing Beta blog, race statistics of all racehorse’s will appear as 0/0/0 after the Racing update goes live.

All race results will still be accessible from the Race Results page, however your race results will appear as 0/0/0 across the ZED RUN website.

Internally, the team debated heavily whether or not to keep a racehorse’s record as this formed part of stables journey and legacy. However, we opted to re-base and re-establish all racing records because we understand that users are making financial decisions to race and breed using the available data. In addition, it would be misleading to allow new and existing users to be making decisions on past data that was not relevant any more. 

The re-establishment of racing records will happen with our new and improved Classes structure after the Racing update has gone live.

When Is The Racing Update Going Live

Our intention is to release this update as soon as possible however, we would like to hear your thoughts and feedback through our community Discord channel before we deploy the latest changes.

We will announce a specific date and time when the Racing update will be deployed to mainnet. Th Classes update along with the re-establishment of racing records will happen after the Racing update. More information on our new and improved Racing Classes will be communicated soon.

As part of this significant update, there will be a scheduled maintenance which means you will not be able to race your racehorses for a short amount of time until the update is complete. We will announce ahead of time when this will take place.

Your feedback is valued as we endeavour to keep moving ZED RUN in the right direction.

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