ZED RUN is excited to announce the latest Racing Classes update! Racing Classes has been revamped and improved to offer fairer racing across the board and best of all, more races!

Classes 2.0 will be deployed alongside or shortly after our Racing Update.

Classes Update

Racing Classes in ZED RUN will now be expanded, to include an additional three (3) Classes as per the table below. In total, there are now six (6) Classes.

ClassBase Rating
Class 50 – 20
Class 421 – 40
Class 341 – 60
Class 261 – 80
Class 181 +

The other key change you will notice is that Class 1 is now the highest rated Class in ZED RUN which was a common request suggested by the community. We agreed and felt this change was important to properly adhere to how Classing systems work in traditional horse racing to bring a sense of familiarity and uniformity.

How Classes Will Work

All un-raced racehorses will begin as a Griffin classed racehorse. Each un-raced racehorse will have a base rating linked to its genotype as shown below:

GenotypeBase Rating
Z1 to Z457
Z5 to Z937
Z10 +17

The reason for this is to group racehorses with similar abilities after their inaugural Griffin race.

The base rating will be applied to all racehorses in the ecosystem including existing racehorses.

It is important to understand that the Griffin Class acts as an entry point or, as a grading race, to see how your racehorse performs.

All un-raced racehorses will be determined as Griffin Class. Griffin Class racehorses can only compete in Griffin Class races.

Once your racehorse competes in a Griffin Class race, it will be allocated into Class 2, Class 3, Class 4 or Class 5 depending on its performance in its first race.

Class Progression and Regression

Every racehorse will begin with a base rating of 17, 37 or 57 as outlined in the previous section of this blog. After each race, a racehorse will be awarded the following points based on its finishing position whichtwill be added to its base rating.

Finishing PositionPoint AwardedFinishing PositionPoint Awarded
1st+ 47th0
2nd+ 38th0
3rd+ 29th– 1
4th+ 110th– 2
5th011th– 3
6th012th– 4

After every race, a racehorse can either regress into a lower tier Class, stay in the same Class or progress into a higher tier Class.

For example, if you own an un-raced Z4 racehorse (Griffin Class) and it finishes in first place, its post class rating will be 61 (57 + 4), thereby starting in Class 2.

It is important to note that a racehorse can compete in higher tiered Classes outside of its current Class, however it cannot compete in a lower tiered Class. For example, a Class 3 racehorse can compete in Class 3, Class 2 and Class 1 races, however it cannot compete in Class 4 or Class 5 races.

Class Reset

As part of this update, existing Classes associated to all racehorses in the ZED RUN ecosystem will reset and be based on the genotype of your racehorse.

Your racehorse will be either given a base rating of 17, 37 or 57.

This is a necessity to ensure that racehorses are appropriately classed given the structural change to the Classing system.

Which Racehorses are Eligible

On the Race Events page, we have added Race Class filters as well as an additional column to identify the Class of any given race.

To see what races your racehorse(s) are eligible to compete in, simply click on any free gate number so that the select a racehorse modal/pop-up appears. Within this modal, you will notice that ineligible racehorses will be greyed out.

If you are entering into a race Class that is above your racehorses’s current Class, a warning (!) icon will appear if you are entering a lower Class racehorse into a higher classed race (i.e. you are entering a Class 2 racehorse into a Class 1 race).

When the new Racing Class update is live, you will only be able to enter your un-raced racehorse into Griffin classed races only. After you have raced at least once, you will be able to enter your racehorse into one or more Classes.

The Future of Racing Classes

In the near future, racing Classes will be closely tied to prize pool sizes and more importantly, special and one-off events. These events will have significantly larger prize pools to what you are used to seeing!

Let’s get racing!

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