Hats off to the wonderful participants we saw from the Offspring Naming competition in collaboration with MakerDAO!

Both the ZED RUN and MakerDAO teams were impressed with the quality and quantity of entries and today, we are proud to announce the winners!

The Winners and the Prizes

Fifty winners are set to take home $50 USD worth of DAI tokens for breeding the best named, MAKER inspired, offspring!

On top that, MAKER and ZED RUN have joined force and have selected their top 20 MAKER inspired offspring names and will be giving those a Z10 Genesis racehorse giving some, multiple chances at winning!

Drum Roll Please

Congratulations to all our winners! Below are the 50 winners that have each won $50 USD in DAI tokens!

dab yolo GIF

$50 USD DAI Token Winners

Maker My DayPrincess DaiDAI Forever
The Deal MakerOn a Dai-etHappy Birth-Dai
MAKERDIE MirorXicoreDAImondDairkseid
Maker Force Be With YouDancerKingMaker
Money MakerLive and Let DaiBaby Maker
Maker Say DaiLady DaiMakerr
Luv Maker’s Don’t DaiDAI HardLive Free or Dai
RainMakerDAItonaDAI Hard
Mickael SCHU MakerDude, what dai is itDao, Dao, Daylight Come
Dai and Meet Your MakerMakers of Tie Dai HorsesA Beautiful Dai
BOW BEFORE YOUR MAKERMake Money or DAI TryingDao is Horse Maker
The TroubleMakerDai MakerMakerDAO
WidowMakerMaker DaiMaker My Dai
Earth Shaker Money MakerWhat’s dead may never DAINever Dai Alone
The Maker ProtocolDAO or DAIDAI BOI DAI
Maker to the MoonDAI MONICDiddy Dao Diddy Dao Diddy
HayMakerDAI in a Blazn Glory

Z10 Genesis Racehorse Winners

A further 20 stable owners were also selected as winners of our Z10 Genesis racehorse! The winning stables are listed below!

RustyStableKUDA StableMissTinger
NeftochimikDr. Nosa Beesy’s RanchPatty Jack Harleys
Dark Fire AcresDoofy’s Bell Acre FarmLa Dolfina
Crazy HorsePacific Sunset StablesRohan’s Finest
Thoroughbred “New Blood”Eeva Stud StableStoneys Studs
Kingbeaver RanchRadish RanchDaemon Farms
UrithruBlaznUp Racing

Winners will have their share of DAI and Z10’s transferred to the addresses associated with their stables.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my prize(s)?

Prizes will be distributed within 10 business days of this blog post announcement.

Can I be selected to win more than once?


Some winners may win both $50 USD in DAI tokens and a Z10 Genesis racehorse.

How were the winners selected?

The winners were selected by the ZED RUN and MAKER teams unanimously by only having a list of names, removing any possible bias.

I did not receive my prize(s), what do I do?

If your offspring or your stable name was listed below and you have not received your prize, please contact us at [email protected] with your wallet ID and stable name.

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