In All Their Glory

Following our recent 3D Update, we are excited to introduce the all new ZED RUN Racehorse Inspector! See it in action below:

Show Me A 3D Racehorse

Head down to the bottom of the ZED RUN homepage and click Show Me My Racehorse to see your colt or filly in wonderful 3D!

Once you have clicked Show Me My Racehorse, a 3D racehorse will magically appear where you will be able to use your mouse or finger (mobile device) to zoom in, pan around and see your racehorse canter, trot, walk and jump.

As an added bonus, you will notice the racehorse’s name, bloodline and genotype being displayed to make buying your own racehorse that little bit easier.

The Future

This added functionality serves as the foundation for providing a more connected experience with the racehorses that live within the ZED RUN ecosystem. Soon you will be able to view the racehorses that are inside your stable in glorious 3D; stay tuned for more information incoming!

Join the Fun ūüźé

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