We are excited to announce that the ZED RUN Marketplace is back and open for business!

Over the last two weeks, we have been busy upgrading the smart contracts for minting and creating ZED RUN racehorses to Matic’s Layer 2 Proof of Stake network, which forms part of the Polygon Protocol. This upgrade was previously deployed to our racing contracts, allowing the community to participate in 18,000+ races whilst enjoying in over $1M USD in prize money winnings; a feat not possible on Ethereum’s mainnet.

Being one of our biggest updates to the ZED RUN ecosystem, all racehorses will migrate to Matic’s Layer 2 Proof of Stake network to ensure lightning fast transaction speeds, added security and eventually the removal of gas fees associated with purchasing and breeding a racehorse from our Marketplace and Stud Farm.

As an added benefit, soon after the migration you will be able to use your ZED Balance to purchase and breed ZED RUN racehorses.

Z1’s to Z10’s Back on Sale!

To celebrate the re-launch of the Marketplace, we have released a limited number of super rare Z1 to Z5 Genesis racehorses; be sure to get in quick!

Why Proof of Stake Layer 2?

Matic’s Proof of Stake network is a powerful Layer 2 solution that not only improves and scales the ZED RUN ecosystem but also heightens the overall user experience.

A major goal for the ZED RUN team was to ensure that the migration of racehorses did not impact existing users; current stable owners will not need to do anything. Once the Marketplace reopens, you are ready to start purchasing.

By shifting more of ZED RUN to a faster Layer 2 infrastructure not only brings greater scalability and a more familiar user experience, but also greater player asset security.

What This Means For You

Before delving into the specifics, here are the need-to-knows:

1. All racehorses will migrate automatically to Matic’s Proof of Stake Layer 2 network.

The migration process involves replicating every single ZED RUN NFT onto the Layer 2 network. Subsequently, you will not notice any changes to your stable or your racehorses whatsoever.

2. Existing users will continue to see their non-Layer 2 enabled racehorses appear in Metamask, however they will not appear in your ZED RUN stable.

Given that your existing racehorses have been replicated onto the Layer 2 network, those existing racehorses will not be visible within the ZED RUN ecosystem. All existing racehorses will be minted on Layer 2 which you will be able to verify via Matic Explorer.

3. Migrating the racehorse creation and minting process over to Matic’s Proof of Stake Network means that existing and future stable owners will now be equipped with Layer 2 enabled NFT racehorses.

To reiterate, existing stable owners will not have to take action on anything; your racehorses will remain under your custody, along with their encompassing statistics and DNA profile (i.e. bloodline, genotype and breed type). The migration is a necessary step in removing transactional bottlenecks and gas fees.

4. Trading your racehorses on Opensea will be placed into a “pause-state”.

Trading on Opensea will not be immediately available, however they will be very soon. Opensea and Matic is in Beta, testing Layer 2 enabled NFT assets and are in the final stages of deployment! Go check it out yourself here! Once Opensea and Matic deploy their Layer 2 update, you will be able to recommence trading.


To keep the community abreast of how this migration will progress, it is important we communicate the steps we are taking from this point on.

Phase 1 – Migration Matic Proof of Stake Layer 2

The Proof of Stake Layer 2 migration is underway and currently on track to be completed by its target completion date. You can track the minting process of all Layer 2 enabled ZED RUN NFTs right here.

Start DateMarch 3rd 2021
StatusSuccessful Completion
Estimated CompletionMarch 3rd 2021

Phase 2 – Reopen Marketplace

Once the ZED RUN marketplace reopens, users will be able to begin purchasing Genesis racehorses. We have made available all Genesis genotypes available for purchasing, form Z1 to Z10.

Start DateMarch 3rd 2021
StatusSuccessful Completion
Estimated CompletionMarch 3rd 2021

Phase 3 – Transfer ZED RUN NFTs internally

From the settings menu within your stable, you will soon be able to recommence transferring ZED RUN racehorses from one wallet to another if you wish.

Start DateMarch 4th 2021
StatusSuccessful Completion
Estimated CompletionMarch 5th 2021

Phase 4 – Reopen of Stud Farm

Upon completion of the re-opening of the Marketplace, the final stages of deployment will take place to enable breeding within the ZED RUN ecosystem.

Start DateMarch 5th 2021
StatusIn Progress
Estimated CompletionMarch 17th 2021

Phase 5 – Use ZED Balance to purchase and breed

Given that purchasing, breeding and racing in ZED RUN will be on a Layer 2 enabled network, you will no longer have to withdraw funds from your ZED Balance to participate in the Stud Farm or to purchase racehorses from the Marketplace.

Start DateMarch 17th 2021
StatusAwaiting Deployment
Estimated CompletionMarch 24th 2021

Phase 6 – ZED RUN NFTs Trading on Opensea

After the successful migration outlined in Phase 1, it is in the hands of Opensea to release the Layer 2 Matic version of their marketplace. We will keep the community posted as often as we can as we understand that secondary market trading is a pivotal element of the ZED RUN ecosystem.

Start DateMarch 3rd 2021
StatusAwaiting Deployment
Estimated CompletionTBA

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my new Layer 2 enabled ZED RUN racehorse NFTs?

Your Layer 2 enabled racehorse NFTs will appear in your stable after the successful completion of the migration process. We will be transferring Layer 2 racehorses directly into wallets and will appear directly in your stable. You will be receiving a Layer 2 racehorse for every existing racehorse you own.

This is an automatic migration and you are not required to do anything.

What happens to my old racehorse?

Your old racehorses will not be tradable because you will be receiving the upgraded Layer 2 racehorses.

What kind of NFT token standard will my new racehorse be?

Your existing racehorses are all ERC-721 NFTs. Your new racehorse NFTs will be exactly the same ERC-721 standard, however, upgraded to enable all the benefits of Layer 2.

What can I do with my new Layer 2 racehorse?

After all six (6) phases of the migration is complete, you will be able to do all breed, race, purchases and openly trade your ZED RUN racehorses like you did before.

Your new Layer 2 racehorses have the exact same attributes and qualities as your existing racehorse(s); nothing changes here.

What about trading on Opensea?

OpenSea is in the process of migrating to Matic’s Proof of Stake Layer 2 network (just like ZED RUN) and will be up and running very soon. In the meantime, OpenSea Layer 2 Beta is still under development with a few projects offering offer based trades. The expectation is OpenSea will announce L2 auction-based trades soon. 

Once they have completed their migration, trading ZED RUN Layer 2  NFTs on Opensea will be seamless.

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