ZED’s very first drop of Layer Two enabled racehorses sold out within hours of launch.

After successfully migrating the ZED RUN Marketplace onto Polygon’s Matic Layer 2 framework on the 3rd of March, we have witnessed the demand for Genesis racehorses skyrocket; selling out over a 24 hour period.

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We are proud to announce that the next drop of Genesis racehorses will be hitting the marketplace on the 11th of March at 10 pm (PST)

NFT’s Go Viral

Over the past few weeks, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT’) are moving into hyperdrive with support from technology gurus such as GaryV and Mark Cuban; both sharing their passionate takes on why NFT’s are the next big thing.

So what’s so special about ZED RUN’s racehorses and why is there such a huge demand for them?

We look at it like this; firstly, ZED RUN NFT assets are somewhat unique when compared to a lot of other NFT’s on the market. Secondly, digital racehorses are beautiful, they appreciate in value, they’re collectible, they have utility and they yield a return for their owners by playing the game. In addition, and best of all, ZED RUN’s NFT technical framework will soon become gasless.

When you combine these factors, you can see why the community has rallied around the recent racehorse drop.

Record-Breaking Personal Best

375 racehorses were sold upon reopening the Marketplace. Alongside these sales, we also saw general activity jump across the entire ZED RUN ecosystem. Not only did transactions increase, but we also saw 218 active players engage with the ecosystem to spend north of $400,000 USD; making ZED RUN one of the most promising games on an Ethereum based Layer Two solutions.

Courtesy of DappRadar

We love to see that new and existing racehorse owners are participating in the ZED RUN universe. We are building a game for the future, an ecosystem and community that can one day drive itself. 

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