What a crazy 24 hours we just witnessed! Another recording breaking ZED RUN Genesis Drop! Congratulations to all successful stable owners who managed to snag a Genesis racehorse amongst all the frenzy!

In case you missed the action, our ZED RUN team and community just experienced another sell-out ZED RUN NFT Genesis racehorse drop, and it was an absolutely wild ride that left everyone feeling all the feels!

Key points in this post: 

  • 486 Genesis NFT racehorses sold out in less than 3 hours, with our most rare breed of Z1s all purchased in less than a minute.
  • Massive increase in demand for our racehorses on the Marketplace caused severe delays and network issues which are now being improved to ensure future drops withstand capacity.
  • Purchase a ZED RUN racehorse today by visiting OpenSea, a leading NFT trading marketplace. 
  • Watch for the coming launch of $DEZ, a governance token that will be utilised within our community-governed ZED RUN ecosystem.

The Fast

On Saturday March 19th, our latest ZED RUN drop went live and on time in our Marketplace as expected. What we did not anticipate was the overwhelming increased number of users galloping onto our site, sliding into our DMs, and lighting up our Discord channels in an absolute frenzy. 

All Genesis NFT racehorses were sold out in less than 3 hours, smashing the previous record, which saw the Marketplace sell out in 12 hours. Incredibly, all the Z1 Genesis racehorses in this drop sold in less than a minute.

Congratulations to all the successful stable holders who snagged a glorious Genesis NFT racehorse in time!

The Feedback

Amid the fun and mayhem of our Marketplace, our team was also immediately taking note of the overwhelming increased number of new users contributing feedback on Discord.

As various network issues began to arise as a result of the buying pressure load from simultaneous transactions requested on our Marketplace, the most common issues raised included:

  • Infinite Load Gas Estimate due to the Genesis racehorse already being sold, but remaining displayed on the Marketplace page.
  • Missing racehorses after successful purchase as excess load on users trying to buy the same racehorse at the same time.
  • Inconsistent user experience as our ZED RUN development team began restarting the database to establish the root cause of the Marketplace, resulting in some temporarily broken pages.
  • No credit card option to purchase, an issue related to our third party payments provider, who we are working closely with to resolve.

Users who have sent a message to our Discord Community Admins or an email to our support address with a corresponding transaction link to Etherscan, rest assured we are working towards rectifying every support ticket.

As with any project in open beta, our team is working diligently on key infrastructure improvements to support the ease and functionality of upcoming ZED RUN drops, both now and into the future as we grow.

How Many Genesis Racehorses Are Left

Our Genesis NFT racehorses are the prominent gene-type when compared to the rest of the population, respectfully titled as Legendary, Exclusive, Elite, Cross, and Pacer.

The table below outlines the fixed supply of racehorse, how many are sold, and how many remain.

GenotypeMax SupplyBloodlineSold

The Z1 Nakamoto’s to Z4 Szabo’s are in high demand, with more than half already sold and less than a few hundred of each remaining. New players looking to get into the game early and compete their field-crushing Genesis racehorses against higher tier ones may want to capitalise on the remaining supply of Finney and Buterin still available.

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I Want A Racehorse Now

Can’t wait for our next ZED RUN drop? Browse and purchase racehorses from OpenSea, a leading NFT trading marketplace, providing our community with a safe way to buy ZED RUN racehorses from one another. Find a plethora of ZED RUN Genesis and non-Genesis NFTs, including some with an excellent racing record! 

Please be mindful that the integration between Matic and Opensea is in Beta. ZED RUN is powered by Matic’s Layer 2 solution, which is currently being integrated within OpenSea.

The Next Drop

Our dedicated development team is working around the clock to deliver a better user experience for our community and soon, we’ll announce when the next pack of Genesis NFT racehorses will be dropped. Until then, subscribe to our email and connect with us on Discord, Instagram, and Facebook for announcements, news, and updates.

$DEZ is Coming

ZED RUN is a big believer in a community-governed ecosystem. The $DEZ governance token will represent this, and we could not be more excited about the value add $DEZ brings with it. Existing Genesis racehorse owners and early adopters to the ZED RUN ecosystem will be airdropped $DEZ during the Token Generation Event.

Our team has mounted a formidable tokenomic strategy and is currently deep in discussion with liquidity providers, Smart Contract auditors and legal professionals to ensure the $DEZ launch is successful.


More information to follow soon. Visit www.dez.run and stay tuned! 😜

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