This is it, folks. The anticipated ZED RUN MEGA DROP is inbound, coming in hot on the 2nd April 2021 at 2 PM PT!

We know you have been patiently waiting for the next ZED RUN NFT drop. Mark your calendars, find your time zone, and set your alarms because the ZED RUN MEGA DROP is coming to a stable near you!

The MEGA DROP includes 2,000 highly sought-after Genesis racehorses NFTs.

We expect there to be huge demand, so please join the ZED RUN community on Discord to keep up with the discussion and best practices.


The format of the drop will occur in 4 waves, split across the Nakamoto, Szabo, Finney, and Buterin bloodlines. The table below outlines the quantity and time each ZED RUN racehorse will be available.

12 PM PTNakamotoZ1150
12 PM PTNakamotoZ2150
22.30 PM PTSzaboZ3150
22.30 PM PTSzaboZ4100
33 PM PTFinneyZ5100
33 PM PTFinneyZ6150
33 PM PTFinneyZ7150
43.30 PM PTButerinZ8300
43.30 PM PTButerinZ9350
43.30 PM PTButerinZ10400

IMPORTANT! Each wave will go live at the pre-defined time stated above regardless if the previous wave sells out sooner.

Fair Play

In an effort to provide the fairest outcome for everyone trying to purchase a ZED RUN racehorse, we have deliberately scheduled intervals over multiple time slots.

Every 30 minutes after the 2 PM PT drop, ZED RUN will release another wave of Genesis racehorses regardless of the previous batch selling out or not. To help you plan ahead, below is a helpful schedule with the times correlating to each batch:

We are taking as many measures as possible to ensure fairness across our entire community.

Remember, the rarest ZED RUN Z1 Genesis racehorses will go on sale first! The supply of Genesis racehorses are quickly flying out of the barn, with our last drop selling out in record time!

The Important Bits!

The MEGA DROP will only occur in our ZED RUN Marketplace and purchases can only be made with Ethereum (ETH) by using MetaMask or your ZED RUN email login.

It is equally important that all new and existing stable owners take note of the following:

You can only make purchases with ETH using your MetaMask or email wallet. 

Purchases cannot be made with WETH Balance (ZED Balance). DO NOT transfer or deposit funds into your WETH Balance (ZED Balance) if you plan to purchase a racehorse NFT for the MEGA DROP.

Purchases cannot be made with debit or credit cards.

If you do have funds in your WETH Balance and wish to use them for participating in the DROP, we highly recommend withdrawing in advance to ensure you have enough ETH in your MetaMask wallet before the drop.

Hardware wallets, this time, will not be supported for the MEGA DROP.

New and existing stable owners will have access to ALL Genotypes and will be an exclusive, first come, first serve drop!

We’re excited, you’re excited, and we just can’t wait to see you all there!


If you are new to ZED RUN, be sure to check out our Getting Started Guide and in particular learning about what makes a racehorse unique.

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