How to Get Ready for the ZED RUN MEGA DROP!

Below is a quick checklist of the important things you will need to know for the upcoming MEGA DROP.

The Checklist

  • Set up your very own stable with MetaMask or just an email address! Don’t forget to customise your stable with a unique name, description and profile photo. Remember, your brand is the beginning of your legacy! You can start one here!
  • Purchase Ethereum (ETH) and transfer it into your MetaMask or email wallet. If you need to get your hands on ETH, you can do so directly from ZED RUN using the ‘top up’ feature.
  • Note the time and schedule of the racehorse bloodline you are after, then set your alarm!
  • On the day of the MEGA DROP, go to the ZED RUN Marketplace and watch the countdown timer ‘til all the racehorses appear!
  • Be first, be swift, and buy your racehorse!

Extra Tips!

To avoid running into any delays on drop day, deposit your ETH directly to your MetaMask or email wallet ahead of time.

If you are a current stable owner and have funds in your WETH (ZED) Balance, you need to withdraw those funds back into ETH if you wish to purchase a Genesis racehorse from the upcoming MEGA DROP. You cannot purchase a Genesis racehorse with your WETH Balance.

Stable owners who have signed up through email can purchase a Genesis racehorse with the ETH in their Email Wallet.

You will not be able to use Debit and credit cards because they are not enabled for this Mega Drop.

Join the Fun 🐎

Head over to ZED RUN to buy your very own digital racehorse and join one of our fast-growing social channels below.