We have teased you for long enough and the ZED RUN team is excited to announce that the Stud Farm is finally back!

Important Bits

The Stud Farm is now live on Matic’s Layer 2 solution allowing for gasless breeding and faster transaction speeds.

Stable owners can breed with their WETH (ZED) Balance, eliminating the need to transfer race winnings out from your WETH Balance into ETH Balance to breed. Read more about WETH (ZED) Balance here.

We have increased the stud fees returned to the stable owner by 50+%!

Let’s Get Down to Business

Breeding has played a pivotal role in the ZED RUN ecosystem where approximately 29% of all racehorses in circulation are offsprings created by stable owners 🤯

With the sudden surge in new community members, breeding represents a significant opportunity to both ZED RUN racehorse owners and to those newcomers that have been eagerly awaiting the next Genesis drop.

Current ZED racehorse owners are in a position to start yielding a return from placing their male racehorses into the Stud Farm (i.e. breeding marketplace) and newcomers are well placed to snap up those newly bred offspring at a more affordable price via secondary markets.

Reasons to Breed

With the stud farm re-opening, for many of our new community members and stable owners, breeding is a new game element where skill and strategy is needed to maximise your legacy and yield potential.

Breed Champions

It is important to note that just like in the real world of horse racing, there is a small element of unpredictability when breeding two racehorses together. In past breeding cycles, we have seen non-Genesis racehorses produce champion offspring that go toe-to-toe with some of the best racehorses in ZED RUN. Therefore, it is vital that when making breeding decisions, to analyse all available information about the racehorses:

  • DNA profile, and
  • Performance history on the racetrack

Learn more by reading through the Racehorse Characteristics Getting Started guide.

When racehorses breed on ZED RUN, the offspring that are created have a new DNA profile (bloodline, genotype, breed type and colour) and also inherits a mixture of abilities and attributes passed down from its parents.

You Can Breed More Unique NFTs!

In ZED RUN, your NFT racehorse can create more NFT racehorses. Not only can you extend your holding of unique, utility based NFTs, you can also expand your stable’s legacy. Each time a racehorse is bred, a newly minted token is generated to represent your new offspring’s DNA profile.

Learn more by reading through the Racehorse DNA Profiles Getting Started guide.

In addition, you can add further value to your racehorse by applying a unique name. Selecting the right name can add collectability value, but remember, you can only name your racehorse once, so choose carefully!

Breed a Super Coat!

The more you breed, the higher the chance of breeding an extremely rare racehorse with a Super Coat.

Learn more by reading through the Offspring Coat Colour Getting Started guide.

A Super Coat is where the offspring has the same coat colour as its mother and father and is difficult produce. There are only 63 Super Coats in the ZED RUN ecosystem or 0.4%!

Earn a Real Return

Not only can you generate a yield by winning races but also by breeding.

If you have sought after racehorses (whether they are rare Genesis racehorses or they are racehorses with a proven track record of winning) you are going to be in high demand.

Learn more by reading through the Breeding Getting Started guide.

Keep in mind, the more valuable the Bloodline, the higher the breeding price you can command in the Stud Farm.

Creating Legacy = Creating Value

If you own the parent of a racehorse that goes on to be a champion, the community will always know your racehorse sired (i.e. gave birth) to that champion, therefore building your legacy and increasing the demand of your racehorse in the Stud Farm.

We encourage stable owners to keep track of all it’s offspring as it indirectly impacts the value of your racehorse.

Breeding Prices and Fee Structure

Along with a move over to Matic L2 and gasless breeding we also have some updates to Breeding Fee structures!

Stable owners have the option of placing their male racehorse (i.e. colt or stallions) into the breeding farm and setting a price they deem fit.

For every racehorse that is placed into the Stud Farm, ZED RUN suggests a minimum breeding price to help guide you at what price you should set.

Learn more by reading through the Minimum Breeding Prices Getting Started guide.

How it Works

Below is base guide on getting you up to speed on how breeding works. For a detailed walkthrough, refer to the Getting Started Breeding Guide.

Who Can Breed?

Only male racehorses (i.e. colts or stallions can) can be placed into the Stud Farm for 1, 3 or 7 days. Once your racehorse is in Stud Farm, it cannot be taken out until that breeding period is complete.

As a male racehorse owner, you can determine the breeding price you want to charge. If a female racehorse (i.e. filly or mare) decides to breed with your male racehorse, the male racehorse keeps the stud fee and the female racehorse receives the offspring.

Stud Fee Distribution

The longer a male racehorse stays in the Stud Farm, the higher the percentage of the fees that the stable owner will keep. As outlined below:

Time In Stud1 Days3 Days7 Days
Stud Owner40%48%56%
Prize Pool45%37%29%
ZED RUN Fee15%15%15%

The majority of the breeding fees are distributed back into the community prize pools for ZED RUN free races and main events as outlined by the table below.

Can I Breed With My Own Stable?

Breeding with your own stable is allowed

To breed with your own racehorse still requires you to place your horse in the stud farm, set a minimum price and select the duration of your stay.

If you choose to breed within your own stable, the minimum breeding price you have set will automatically be discounted by 35%. The majority of funds collected here by ZED RUN will go to racing prize pools!

The distribution of the fees collected when breeding with your own stable is as follow:

Public Prize Pool70%
ZED RUN Fee30%

Are There Breeding Limits?

The breeding limits define how many times a male and a female racehorse can breed per month and per year:

Limit Per MonthLimit Per Year
Male Racehorse784
Female Racehorse224

How Do I Pay To Breed?

All breeding transactions, must occur from your ZED Balance (WETH). Therefore, you must ensure that you have funds in your ZED Balance (WETH) to participate in breeding.

Learn more by reading through the ZED RUN Wallet Getting Started guide.

You can transfer ETH to your WETH (ZED) Balance within ZED RUN’s wallet interface, or you can use the funds you accumulate from your race winnings to pay for breeding transactions.

Can I Race My Offspring?


Once your offspring is created, all you need to do is name it and then you can get it into it’s first Griffin race!

Learn more by reading through the Racing Classes Getting Started guide.

Breeding Tips

The aim of ZED RUN is to create unique and rare NFTs and to also breed race winners. Every single stable owner should consider the following:

Name your offspring wisely! The name of your racehorse can prove to be a valuable asset. Once you name your racehorse, you cannot change it.

Research the racehorse before you breed with it. You can create champions on the racetrack by strategically breeding with other well performing racehorses. A racehorse’s DNA plays an important role in creating sought after offsprings but so does its performance record.

Be strategic. There is a lot of racehorse data to find, analyse and make decisions from. Find what works for you to breed the fastest racehorses.

It is not all about performance. You can accumulate value by breeding racehorses that have a unique colour, DNA profile or name. And remember: it is difficult and rare to breed a Super Coat!


We love hearing what the community thinks so we can include this feedback in our roadmap. Fill out the form below to have your say on anything breeding related:

Start Breeding Today!

So what are you waiting for? We know everyone’s been keen to get back to breeding so visit zed.run/stud to start breeding the next championship racehorse!

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