What a massive weekend! Around the world, thousands of eyes were locked onto the ZED RUN Marketplace countdown clock. Tingling with excitement and anticipation for our very first Mega Drop of 2,000 highly sought-after Genesis NFT racehorses. 

In less than 2 hours, our ZED RUN Community set a brand new milestone – selling out 2,000 Genesis NFT racehorses for the very first time in drop history!

As the first wave of our most rare Nakamoto racehorses dropped, we were utterly shell-shocked by the demand as our rarest Genesis racehorses disappeared off the Marketplace in front of our very eyes!

Key points in this post

  • 2,000 Genesis NFT racehorses were dropped into our Marketplace and sold out in less than 2 hours!
  • Demand was greater than we anticipated, with all Genotypes disappearing out of the Marketplace faster than we could ever have imagined.
  • ZED RUN community already has more than 20,000+ connected stables with demand for the next drop at an all time high.
  • If you missed out on the Mega Drop, fear not, the Stud Farm is back up and running with more than 2,500+ racehorses bred in the first 24 hours!

April 2nd, 2021 marked a monumental milestone in the history of ZED RUN drops. The Mega Drop marked the largest drop we have ever undertaken with 2,000 Genesis racehorses of different Genotypes hitting the Marketplace.

Even with the large amount of anticipation we saw across our Community in Discord, on Socials and even in the various Clubhouses our founders joined in on, we never anticipated how high demand would be.

Learning lessons from our previous drop, our team aimed to improve the experience by taking extra measures in boosting capacity on our website and securing our systems to withstand it. For all our new Community members, we also provided a handy checklist Are You #Zedy? to guide them for Mega Drop.

Every wave of Genesis racehorses that hit our Marketplace sold out within minutes! Demand steadily increased as the night went on, resulting in the full sell out of 2,000 Genesis racehorses in under 2 hours.

How Many Genesis Racehorses Are Left

Our Genesis NFT racehorses are the prominent gene-type when compared to the rest of the population, respectfully titled as Legendary, Exclusive, Elite, Cross, and Pacer.

The table below outlines the fixed supply of racehorse, how many are sold, and how many remain.

GenotypeMax SupplyBloodlineSold

New Stable Owners looking to get into the game early and compete their field-crushing Genesis racehorses against higher tier ones may want to capitalise on the remaining supply of Finney and Buterin still available at our next drops.

Gasless Breeding is Here

In case you missed it – our breeding is back and it’s gasless!

With the influx of new users rushing into ZED RUN we are beyond excited that this part of our ecosystem is back up and running. If you haven’t seen the changes to breeding, you can catch up on all the details at our Breeding Blog.

We are also going to be seeing newly bred offspring entering the ecosystem which is another way that users who missed out on the last drop can get themselves a non-Genesis racehorse to start participating in the general ecosystem as well as racing.

The Next Drop

As always, our dedicated development team is already working around the clock to deliver an improved experience for our community and soon we’ll announce when the next Genesis racehorse drop will be arriving!

The best place to stay up to date with incoming drop news is to connect with us on DiscordInstagram, and Facebook for announcements, news, and updates.

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