New to ZED RUN?

This short course of information will help you navigate ZED RUN community channels, guides, and game so you can begin your legacy of owning, breeding, and racing your NFT racehorses!

The ZED RUN team is pumped to have you join the community where you’ll soon become a #zedhead, #zedder, or any other funky #zedy nickname you fancy.

Community comes first. At ZED RUN, we value community and find joy in the creative ways you choose to express your personality – from sharing pics of your first pony purchase to live streaming races, Twitter talks, and even creating unique brands and data sets!

We love your passion. As you dive in, feel free to express yourself and share your ZED RUN experience with others. Connect with the wildly growing racehorse-loving community stretching from Clubhouse and Discord to Twitch!

To kickstart your journey, here are some helpful resources: 

Welcome to ZED A brief history about ZED RUN and its founders
Community Guidelines A quick summary of guidelines setting the expectations for the growing community 
Contact the teamGot a question? Send an email at [email protected] or submit your idea here.  

New to the blockchain community?
It’s cool, a lot of folks are too. Here’s a few things to be aware of:

  • ZED RUN is a game built on Polygon.
    This means you’re playing a game built on blockchain technology! While it isn’t essential to have in depth knowledge of Ethereum, NFTs, and cryptocurrency, it may help to familiarise yourself with how the technology operates. 
  • ZED RUN is in BETA.
    That’s right – we’re just getting started on this journey with you. The team is continually exploring possibilities, testing new ideas, breaking things, and building cool elements that deliver value for community.
  • You are entering a brand new metaverse!
    As a blockchain immigrant, you may experience a steep learning curve full of new habits like owning a digital wallet, finding a cryptocurrency exchange, understanding new terminology like “gas” and “WETH” and getting familiar with slang like “HODL” but don’t stress – we’re on the same journey together.

Let’s Begin!

Now that you’ve got a bit more context around this new space, here’s your course of reading material to help you understand the fundamentals in ZED RUN.


Getting StartedA guide to help you begin playing ZED RUN
#learn-the-ropesA Discord channel where you can gain more insight around the game
#beginner-chatA Discord channel dedicated to all beginners
Drop EventsA guide to help you prepare for upcoming ZED RUN Drop Events!
MarketplaceOfficial ZED RUN marketplace where you can buy a Genesis racehorse direct from ZED RUN. This is where we host all ZED RUN NFT drops! 
OpenSeaA secondary marketplace where you can buy and trade ZED RUN racehorses, including your own. Shop and view options by filtering choices using or
MaticHow to put your horse on OpenSea to sell

Stay in the Loop!

The team aims to keep y’all updated and informed about ZED RUN’s latest developments and news. Here’s where you can always find information direct from the horse’s mouth:

Community BlogA place to find all ZED RUN info, product updates, announcements, incoming drops, and guides
NewsWhere you’ll find all ZED RUN news and latest info
Discord ZED RUN community channel where you can #learn-the-ropes, meet new friends in #beginner-chat, and be first to hear #announcements
Product PortalGot an idea? Submit it here and have your say! You can keep track of what’s currently in development and even upvote the ideas that you want to see prioritised and actioned.

Data Designed by Community

ZED RUN InsightsA site providing a leaderboard with data led by a community member
KHRFT TradingEvaluation data on ZED RUN led by community member Dez, CoHost of @themintcond
ZEDStats.RunCommunity led site analyzing data for better racing
SigmaStable Horse ProfileLed by community members Kent Weyrauch (@KentWeyrauch) and Ethan Douglas (@EthanCDouglas), this page displays data which is collected on the top of the hour and uploaded on the bottom of the hour Power BI outlook of data sets led by a community member
Zedrun ToolsCommunity led data and analytics
Know Your HorsesAnalyze the bloodlines and race performance of your favourite ZED Run horses

Community Spotlight

The team is loving how y’all are so creative and swift at designing helpful tools for the people. Below is a selection of community-led sites you’ll want to check out as you dive deeper into the #zedzone:

ZEDGazetteA community led news site run by k/sir (Twitter: BlackBartRobs#5608). PhDuder(PhDuder#9613) supports with research and theory, and Bebeomega(bebeomega#8752) for community support.
Award RacingA community run site dedicated to helping beginners find their feet in the ZED RUN Metaverse
Doofy RacingDoofy Racing is led by community member Christian AKA Doofy who provides tips, news, and insights 
Poseidon RacingA website and video channel packed with with live streaming content and helpful information led by Stable Owner Poseidon Racing 
Pony Plug A community led channel on Twitch for ZED.RUN news, races, and banter

Looking for More?

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Your feedback matters. This ain’t lip service. The team really does read every comment, DM and Tweet and works around the clock to process feedback and respond with action.

Got an idea?
Send it to [email protected] or submit your idea here.  

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