Your Discord poll results are in! Changes to communications are here.

On April 22nd, a community poll went out on Discord requesting feedback on what you enjoyed most about being a #zedhead. The team asked and you answered. What did y’all say?

Playing the game and racing is what you enjoy most about being a #zedhead!

The poll also included a questionnaire about our communication and from the feedback, the team learned:

  • More than 65% prefer weekly communications with about 30% preferring daily
  • Most sought after content: drop details, followed closely by product/tech updates, then data insights
  • Preferred format of communication: blog post topped the charts, but pretty pictures and videos are just as equally valued

Product Updates

To address the community’s requests, the team will be providing a weekly blog post capturing product and tech updates. At the beginning of each week, you can expect to find notes outlining community news and any progress being made on the product. The first round of Dev notes begins today!


  • My racehorse’s filter moved to the general results page from the sidebar
  • Purchase horse with WETH balance (to be seen it in the next market drop)
  • Transaction fee for withdrawal and deposit fee for ETH<> WETH is now more accurate
  • Minimum fee for Nakamoto breeding price has been increased
  • Improved integrity of the racing schedule for more consistency

In progress:

  • Updates to breeding
  • Performance improvements: results page is working faster
  • Improved loading speed of the marketplace (to be implemented for next drop)
  • Stability and performance fixes
  • Timestamp access link for the marketplace

Current tasks and priorities:

  • Investigating Class distribution and fair racing
  • Investigating instant withdrawals of WETH (reducing the transaction into one step)
  • Implementing the Leaderboard
  • Exploring options for custom events and improved functionality
  • Fixes to reduce stuck races, stuck horse, pending payments (stuck winnings)

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