Wow folks, what a weekend!

The ZED RUN team would like to start by thanking everyone who participated in the recent TERA DROP event! The increase in demand and participation of a 50,000+ strong community contributed to another record-breaking day in ZED RUN drop history.

Community is what keeps ZED RUN growing worldwide. You boldly push all boundaries together and through each milestone of this journey, you move ZED RUN forward.

With feature articles from the New York Times, The Times, Action Network, The Economic Times and podcasts from The Pomp and many others, all eyes were on ZED RUN.

Key Points

May 7th, 2021 marked yet another ground-breaking day for ZED RUN! The lead up to the TERA DROP was bursting with excitement and anticipation, as multiple records were being set.

  • 7,273 Genesis NFT racehorses were sold, marking our community’s largest ever single day drop.
  • A total 6,053+ unique racehorse owners, highlighting exponential growth within the ZED RUN community.
  • An incredible 26,953 Genesis and bred racehorses in circulation.
  • A future dedicated drop is being planned for affected users who, through no fault of their own, missed the opportunity to participate in the TERA DROP.
  • Winners of the WETH IT UP EARLY comp announced!

How Many Genesis Racehorses Are Left

Our Genesis NFT racehorses are the prominent gene-type when compared to the rest of the population, respectfully titled as Legendary, Exclusive, Elite, Cross, and Pacer.

The table below outlines the fixed supply of Genesis racehorses: how many are sold and how many remain (as of May 9th, 2021).

GenotypeBloodlineMax SupplySoldRemaining

Your Feedback is a Gift

With each drop event comes a new learning curve for both the team and our wider community. Increasing demand on ZED RUN while still in beta – everything from drop events to racing – comes with lessons learned.

We are attending every single support ticket and every single DM, so please know your requests are being received and responded to. Thank you for your patience.

Dedicated Drop for Affected Users

As mentioned in the Discord #announcements, the ZED RUN team acknowledges the error in emails distributed during the TERA DROP event. Affected users will be given an opportunity to participate in a future dedicated drop. This dedicated drop will apply to those users who, through no fault of their own, missed the opportunity to participate in the TERA DROP. More details about the future dedicated drop will be announced.

The ZED RUN team understands the importance of ensuring fairness so that everyone is given an equal chance at participating in future drops. Further to this, the team is analysing data and feedback from the TERA DROP to support continual improved fairness for future drops.

WETH Transactions

The wait times for transactions (ETH <> WETH) are common and can be expected between Ethereum and Polygon due to the levels of security that are applied to ensure the integrity of the transfer. However, the team is doing everything in its power and working with partners such as Biconomy to reduce the wait times. In addition, we are working to improve and rebuild the wallet experience to further address these issues.

Customer Support

Responding to your immediate needs is something the team takes seriously, and we are excited to boost and expand our Support Team in the coming weeks to ensure we can manage the capacity of support tickets pouring in. 🤯

Interested in joining the Customer Support Team? View the opportunities available at Virtually Human.

A big thank you to the community and creatives like Chateaux Zed for sharing content that provides helpful guidance and context for everyone. Go ahead and give him a subscribe!

Keep the vibes flowing as you share your ZED RUN experiences. Let’s grow!

Winners Announced!

With every event, the ZED RUN community levels up and keeps on building from strength to strength as shown in the increased engagement for the WETH IT UP competition. Below is a list of 10 lucky winners who have won a Genesis Buterin Z10! We will be distributing this Genesis racehorses at a later date, so keep your eyes peeled when they hit your stable!

Winning StablePrize Won
Three Amigo Farm1 x Buterin Z10 Genesis
chanimal1 x Buterin Z10 Genesis
SHINIGAMI RACING1 x Buterin Z10 Genesis
Loose Goose Collective1 x Buterin Z10 Genesis
Eternity Stable1 x Buterin Z10 Genesis
Ruger Stables1 x Buterin Z10 Genesis
Poni&Blew Stables1 x Buterin Z10 Genesis
TommyKnocker Horses1 x Buterin Z10 Genesis
Papatopshot’s Stable1 x Buterin Z10 Genesis
Quantum Stables1 x Buterin Z10 Genesis

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