ZED RUN is excited to partner with The Preakness and Medium Rare on this historic NFT offering which is on auction, available now at preaknessstakesnft.com!

Own a Piece of Preakness History

The Preakness will commemorate its 146 year legacy with a collection of seventeen individual 1-of-1 NFTs surrounding race day. These limited edition digital collectibles bring the most iconic races in Preakness history to life in an all-new digital format. The collection will auction official full race clips from some of the most historic races in Preakness history.

Every NFT available for auction in the collection will unlock exclusive offerings within ZED RUN, including Genesis Z10 digital racehorses which will unlock exclusive Preakness race-coat-skin within the game at a future date.

This offering is exclusive to purchasers of The Preakness NFT and will never be created again.

Own a piece of ZED RUN History

ZED RUN and the Preakness are also partnering to auction off an exclusive 15-piece Nakamoto NFT art collection that will never be minted again.

This limited edition NFT art collection will be based on the ZED RUN Nakamoto Bloodline in collaboration with The Preakness. This collection of masterpiece art animations encapsulates the rarest Nakamoto bloodline in ZED RUN. This collection features one set of 15 unique (1-of-1) artworks exclusively designed with the Preakness Stakes. Each of the 15 artworks will carry a unique and rare coat colour that will make each piece one of a kind.

Additionally, these 15 NFTs artworks come with an exclusive Preakness race-coat-skin unlocked at a future date within ZED RUN.

These pieces will also be up for auction at preaknessstakesnft.com!

How to Participate in the Auction

Join the auction now!

Simply head to preaknessstakesnft.com for the full details and link to the auction. The auction will be held on OpenSea and the pieces will go to the highest bidders.

Good luck ZEDDERS!

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