Howdy folks! This week’s Product Update is packed full with new info, tentative dates, and yes … updates on breeding! Can you believe it? Let’s go!!!

Drops: Requesting Your Feedback

This week, you will receive an email with a survey requesting your feedback on the format of drop events. Information captured will help the team plan and improve the upcoming drop. Look for the email this week and reply by Sunday, May 30th to have your say.

Your Safety

Everyone who is a part of ZED plays an important role in keeping our platform safe and respectful. As a community and for your safety, please be cautious of:

  • Users you do not know. If you do not feel safe, do not engage with them.
  • Links from untrusted sources. Do not click on them.
  • Purchasing from an unverified account on OpenSea claiming to be ZED RUN. The official ZED RUN account has a blue verified tick/check.

Dedicated Drop

As you know from previous announcements, a future dedicated drop is being planned for affected users who, through no fault of their own, missed the opportunity to participate in the TERA DROP. This dedicated drop will occur on the same day as the next drop event, and it will be a highly catered “wave” allocated to a specific time. More details to be released with the announcement of the next drop.

The next Drop Event is tentatively scheduled for June 11th (AEST)/ 10th (PT).

Updates to Breeding

From fixes to significant changes, a number of factors have impacted the schedule for reopening breeding. While the aim is to keep breeding always open, the team recognises an influx of new racehorses could potentially dilute the market. To protect the ecosystem and ensure the integrity of your assets, a number of significant changes have been set in motion and will be in effect once breeding reopens. These changes include:

  • New breeding limits: reduced mare breeding allowance from 2 times per month to 1 (12 times per year), reduced stud breeding from 7 times per month to 3 (36 times per year)
  • New time limit: newborn foals must wait until their anniversary (same as standard breeding windows) to be given the ability to breed

Breeding reopening date is still to be determined.

Product Updates

Product updates are developed by the team, and are also based on feedback directly received from the community via [email protected].


  • Investigation of stable transfers between wallets for easy migration to MetaMask is complete and now in design phase to enable easier transactions to OpenSea
  • Investigation of ETH to WETH transfers is complete and we will be updating the interface to improve the user experience in transfers
  • Data analysed from the last drop to ensure the next drop is more fair and inclusive
  • Identified core elements for improving integrity of racing (investigating class distribution and additional racing attributes)

In progress:

  • Modelling additional variable factors to improve integrity of racing
  • Researching odds replacement
  • Updating images of ZED RUN racehorses on OpenSea
  • Add new filter for “My Racehorses” on the Next to Run page
  • New marketplace drop style to ensure fairness for all users
  • Designing two new racetracks
  • Updated 3D U.I. with visual details, and music artist and track display
  • Fix finish line gallop animation on slow motion replays
  • Volume control with in-game volume slider

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