Mainstream media continues to cast a sharp eye toward NFTs, raising doubt and sparking debate around the rise of digital assets and their actual value. As the ZED RUN community grows, it’s important for the team to highlight the attributes of value currently being created for ZED RUN NFT racehorses, to illuminate the elements driving excitement into the ever-expanding ecosystem.

Key points:

  • Scarcity and Demand
  • Virgin Ponies
  • Unique Names
  • Un-raced Racehorses
  • Colours and Super Coats
  • Skins

Scarcity and Demand

At ZED RUN, rarity is driven through core components of the game:

  • Only 38,000 Genesis racehorses (Z1s to Z10s) will be minted and sold from the Marketplace
  • Each bloodline is limited to a fixed supply
  • All other racehorses bred will occur through peer-to-peer breeding
  • 268 generations total

When breaking this down in terms of segmentations per breed, the value can be seen and driven back to each racehorse according to its rarity within the given supply.

The table below outlines the fixed supply of racehorse, how many are sold, and how many remain.

GenotypeMax SupplyBloodlineSold

Like A Virgin

ZED RUN Genesis NFT racehorses are the first of their line and this is part of what makes them rare. Without breeding a racehorse however, there is uncertainty and undiscovered potential around the its performance. With breeding, you can begin an ancestry of your own.

Benefits of having a virgin racehorse:

  • Making a profit from breeding as it hasn’t yet reached any breeding capacities
  • Increased value by promoting it as not having been in the stud farm (enabling buyer to profit from breeding)
  • Untapped rarities

For full details around racehorse segmentation, read more here.

Uniquely Named Racehorses

Similar to real world horseracing, ZED RUN racehorses with unique or iconic names are often highly sought after and favoured in the market. The community has demonstrated examples of this factor with a racehorse named “Ronaldo” being sold upwards numerous times simply because people loved the name.

If you’re seeking to boost your racehorse’s profile and add an attribute of value, consider choosing a name that you believe holds weight, influence, and meaning.

Will a unique name guarantee that it becomes a winning racehorse? No. Who determines what level of value a name holds? Just like in the real world, you and the buyer.

The Un-Raced

Speaking of potential, whenever a racehorse has not been raced by its owner, it means there is a form of unrealised value taking place. An owner may deliberately choose to withhold a racehorse from racing for a few reasons:

  • Collectibility, creating an entire collection of un-raced racehorses
  • Sought value, putting it in the marketplace for new users seeking opportunity
  • Potential, due to good ancestry/bloodline

Unlocking a racehorse’s potential is something not all owners are keen to do. A number of theories and strategies exist among the community with many encouraging racing and others saving up their ponies and keeping them primed for collection.

Colours and Super Coats

A ZED RUN racehorse’s coat colour is highly valued by players as individual coat colours reflect its rarity and collectibility.

The Colour Pyramid below is a table which classifies each of the coat colours into Colour Groups and Rarity Tiers, allowing players to easily identify a racehorse’s colour uniqueness.

What is a Super Coat?

A Super Coat is a rare attribute that occurs when two racehorses of the same colour, produce a racehorse with the same colour as its parents. It can be any colour variety and any colour category.

Have you bred a racehorse with a Super Coat? You’ll know when you see “Super” next to the colour when viewing your racehorse. Click here to see an example.


Rewarding and recognising scarcity and rarity in a way that has never been done before is something the team is ambitious about driving through ZED RUN. Partnerships with brands like Atari will build further attributes of value into the ecosystem through exclusive racehorses, sponsorship events, and collectible skins.

The team is working together with ATARI to introduce rare and collectible in-game items designed to reflect ATARI’s most memorable games such as Asteroids®Centipede®Missile Command®Pong® and more!

Recently, a historic NFT offering on exclusive collectibles was led by the team’s collaboration with The Preakness and Medium Rare. Preakness race coat skins were included with each of the first ever 15-piece Nakamoto NFT art collection on auction, generating a competitive buzz on OpenSea. A winning bid for the Special Edition: Zed Run x Preakness – Nakamoto Montage & Z1 Nakamoto topped the charts, selling at 47.25ETH, a record milestone and a first for partnership branded skins with ZED RUN.

Thanks to Miguel Diaz, Luke Abagi, and Rob Salha for collaborating on this article.

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